Friday, February 18, 2011

Song of the Morning Star

Last night I stepped outside to see and feel the Full Moon, but the predawn hours are my favorite time of day, so I waited until this morning to photograph this event.

Just before the sun was set to rise, I grabbed my camera and my tripod and headed outside. The street light reflecting on my neighbors palm tree made the perfect frame for this morning's descent of February's Full Moon.

Speaking of the predawn hours, I wanted to share with you my favorite morning music. I love the Native American flute music of R. Carlos Nakai.

The first CD I bought was Canyon Trilogy back in 1989 and although I have several more now, my favorite piece is still from this one. Star for the Morning Star reaches down to the very core of my soul and touches me in a way that no other genre of music ever has. For me, except for listening to nature, there is no better way to greet the dawn. This music will make you want to head to a lonely beach, the mountains, a river or a stream and just sit and let yourself get lost in what you're hearing and seeing before you. It will wrap its arms around you and provide you with a sense of peace on even the darkest days.

Stressed? Just shut your eyes and envision your favorite place in nature where you wish you were at this very moment and listen to sounds of R. Carlos Nakai…

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Blondie's Journal said...

What a great gal you are, getting up so early. The picture should be is SO beautiful. The palm tree definitely spells Florida! Wish I were there!


Loui♥ said...

what a glorious tribute to morning..
both musically..
and in photographic magic!
loved the entire post!!
thanks again for sharing such a beautiful wake-up!!
warmest hugs..

Sue said...

Oh, such beautiful pictures. You can probably guess how much I love them. Palm trees make me happy. Brown trees with no leaves (the ones I can see out my door as I sit here) not so much!

I rarely listen to music like this, but once in a while I need to sooth my soul with something more peaceful.

Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

Beautiful scenery and post.

Lili said...

Oh how beautiful, warm and relaxing I am just visiting over here for the first time! That is such a lovely image with the palm tree. No wonder I kept waking up last night, the full moon seems to always have that affect on me! ~Lili

rjerdee said...

Oh, yeah, the descent of the moon this early morning. I was taking my pre-dawn walk while I gazed upon the HUGE seemed strangely close!!!

CHERI said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous really scored with those!

Ms. Bake-it said...

Oh, how I love palm trees! Fabulous photos and fabulous music! I think I will look into getting one of his CDs. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Have a great weekend!

~ Tracy

Jane said...

So very beautiful! We walked last evening, in the light of the rising moon. Now I can see the waning hour...I really appreciate the photos, since I don't rise that early these days. (I guess I could stay up an extra hour and watch... Guess what I've been doing...painting!)
Beautiful music...perfect for the early morn...

Maria said...

how beautiful!!!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Rnonda
Thanks so much for posting this. The flute music is wonderful and goes perfectly with your beautiful moon pictures.
I commented below on your previous post. I really enjoyed reading it today - sitting here in my fleece with snow falling outside!

Leo said...

Beautiful photo. Nice way to start the day!

Janie said...

What beautiful photos.

I live up north, and I Love snow. But I lived in FL for a year (Plantation) and I also Love it (in small doses -sorry) I LOVE palm trees...I totally understand why some people need to have a small house in FL to visit (a lot)

I just found you on This Old House 2

Della said...

This is beautiful! I love how it looks next to the palm. So Florida!

michelle said...

Gorgeous photo, love how the palm tree frames the moon! I saw the decent of the moon on Saturday on my way to work, it was such a beautiful morning but did not bring my camera. I did take a pic with my phone which did not do it any justice! Did you see Ryan of Florida Keys Living photo on of the moon, it was gorgeous!
I will have to check out the music, it sounds so beautiful and peaceful!
Have a beautiful day!

Sea Witch said...

Crlos Nakai, one of my favorite musicians. Hope all is well with you and those you love. Sea Witch

The Single Nester said...

I have been listening to him since I picked up his cd in 1994 at a spa.

CrazyCris said...

I've been playing this piece on a loop as I read through the rest of your posts, and now I'm going to look for more of his music! Thanks for the musical discovery!!! :o)

CrazyCris said...

for any interested readers in Europe, has his albums! :o)

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