Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine to the Sea

© 1967 by Anita Kerr, Rod McKuen & Warm Music, ASCAP Copyright renewed. Words: Rod McKuen, Music: Anita Kerr. All Rights Reserved

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Completely Coastal said...

It's great to have a crush on the sea!!!!!

Happy Valentines!

rjerdee said...

What better love could you have?
Happy Valentine's Day, my friend!!!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Dear Rhonda
I think we share that love with you!!! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day my little beachy friend.. ciao xxx Julie

Karen said...

DITTO!!.... love this poem.

michelle said...

There is no place more beautiful and romantic than the sea! I love the poem!
Happy Valentines Day

Loui♥ said...

My Dear Shelle..
sister of the sea..
sister of my heart..
I should have known..
Rod McKuen..
and Thee,,
He's always been a fave of mine..
and that poem.. aaaaaH!
Love it!!
and you!!
Have a wonderful Valentines's Day!!

The Decorative Dreamer said...

Wonderful poem! You already share your love by the sea...with all of us! Wishing you a very Happy Valentines day too! :)))

iLoveShelling said...

Another thing we have in common- We share a mutual friend.. The Ever Constant Sea.

Flotsam Friends said...

Ditto me too. The one reliable obsession I have in my life that I never take for granted. I love that poem. Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day. Pruxxxxxx

CHERI said...

This is beautiful! I love Rod McKuen. You definitely have a love affair with the sea, more than anyone I've ever known. But I love it too! I just don't get to enjoy it nearly so often as you. I'm glad it brings you such joy and peace.

Leo said...

Beautiful. Love this post. These words are so lovely. Thank you for the great inspiration and reflection.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

This takes my breath away! Enjoy your evening, my friend! ♥♥♥

Kathy said...

Holy smokes. Rod McKuen. Haven't heard that name for eons. I lived and breathed everything he wrote. Back in the 60's and 70's. When I was about 2 years old. hee-hee

Happy Valentine's Day to you.
Loved the ocean pictures and this poem. Nice. Real nice.


Kaybe said...

Rhonda, You should do a post on your old Hollywood music days. Happy V-Day to ya. Do you have a pic of the sign you sold to that restaurant that said "The romance of the sea...."

Love ya

Jane said...

Ahhhh....beautiful! These words say it all so well. What a special "valentine".
Jane said...

Sweet Shelle, thanks so much for this beautiful poem, and thanks so much...I just noticed you had my flood relief banner up. Your a sweetheart.

CrazyCris said...

beautiful! :o)

I love the beach and everything that goes with it! I love the waves lapping at my feet. I love the feel of the sand between my toes. I love the roar of the Pacific and the gentle waves of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. Let's talk about beaches around the world, bonfires, building sandcastles, swaying palm trees, flamingos, clambakes, sunrises and sunsets. If it's tropical, it fits this blog!


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