Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What do you think?

In my lifetime as a beachcomber, I've come across many strange things washed up on the shore. Normally, this mainly consists of trash left behind by thoughtless beachgoers or tossed overboard from someone's boat. Just this past Sunday this is what I picked up to dispose of properly…

I just shake my head in disgust and pick this crap up. I do this to protect the wildlife I love and to keep the environment clean. I'm not the only one, there are many others like me, who do what little we can.

Then today I see this story on the news…

That's not the actual video I saw, I did a search on YouTube to share with you. Now I admit, I laughed when I first saw a piano sitting out on a sandbar, but then I needed to know more. I thought about what the end result would be when this piano gets hit by one of our storms, breaks to smithereens and puts our wildlife at risk. Just think of all the wires, tuning knobs, keys, etc. that make up a piano.
In an article, New Piano (Sand)Bar in Biscayne Bay, NBC Miami reports that a 600-pound grand piano has turned up on a sandbar in Biscayne Bay.

NBC Miami

In the video above, in case you didn't watch it, the AP reporter says that it appears to have been strategically placed on the sandbar, possibly a publicity stunt or left after a video shoot.

Well duh, someone obviously placed this thing here.

This was the reaction of the people who read the article on ABC Miami. I'm definitely part of the 3% that is furious, but I'm equally furious at the folks who didn't stop laughing at this careless act long enough to think of the long term effect on our sea critters.

I'm even more furious at our local authorities. The ABC article goes on to report, "Officials with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said they don't plan on moving the piano unless it becomes a problem for animals or boaters."

"'We are not responsible for removing such items,' FWC spokesman Jorge Pino told the Miami Herald. 'Even a car can become a habitat for wildlife. Unless the item becomes a navigational hazard, the Coast Guard would not get involved.'"

Is it only me or does anyone else think it would be easier to remove the piano as it is, rather than finding another dead sea turtle or dolphin on shore?

Call me furious and disgusted today, I stopped laughing long ago.

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Blondie's Journal said...

Well said, Rhonda. It amazes me what we find in out oceans and lakes. We are always careful on our boats to make sure everything is disposed of properly and that everyone on board keeps everything on board. Kudos to you for all of your hard work in our environment.


Joyce said...

I was peaking in at your blog today and I saw the same story on our local news this AM and they said they thought someone was doing a music video and this was a prop and they probably had no idea how heavy it was to get it back onto the boat it came on so they left it there. I hope they give them a BIG fine and make them remove the piano asap. I too find all sorts of rubbish on the beaches of Hilton Head and it makes me see red what people throw in the ocean and leave on our beautiful beaches. Some days I get so upset I yell at people to pick up their trash while being a guest of our beaches. I know some day some person is going to swing at me but I don't care:-)

Loui♥ said...

I'm with you on this one..
Publicity stunt or not..the blasted piano needs to be removed intact ASAP..and some one needs to be fined BIG TIME for this stunt.. the officials who are laughing need to be removed from office..
Not only does this idiocy affect our sea critters..
tourism $$$$$ is impacted heavily by LITTERED beaches..
like you, I am in the RED ZONE today..
also disgusted..

Drawn to The Sea said...

Beautiful for a photo shoot, but to leave it there? Shameful.

Karen said...

Ugh... I'm as outraged as you are.


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Rhonda
This has been reported here in England too. I am furious someone would do that.
Hope they get it removed very soon and before it causes any harm.

Jane said...

As interesting as this story may be, in the middle of the bay, it's just a piece of trash. I do hope it's removed before it harms something or someone.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you and your readers. Pick it up. I have always lived on the ocean and have spent many days picking up others' garbage. The piano is just wasteful. Not only is it harmful to the animals but think of all the hours and cost that went into creating that instrument. For what?


Kaybe said...

And let's not even go to the idiots who still (even after all these years of drought in Florida) throw their cigg butts out the car window.

Magdalena said...

This is just unbelievable. What kind of people litter especially with what we all know is happening to our beautiful planet and oceans
So sad, but thankfully there are angels like you out there helping save the world, you do so much for the beautiful beaches!!!
PS, what I write about is true regarding Kiribati, I have been there with my family, it is very far away pass the international date line...a little tiny island that is going to be completely covered by water forcing its people to flee and from what I hear this could happen soon. Kiribati's President is working hard to get world wide help, he is amazing!!! When I was there it was so remote not even an airport...we had to fly to Hawaii and then take a boat for 36 hours to get there. It was where the opening shot of Gilligans Island was taken many years ago. I pray it can be saved!!!!!

Lori E said...

Infuriating for sure. There is enough crap floating around out there and with all those wires in the piano it could be disastrous for the wild life.
Up here on the west coast of British Columbia they are finding feet still in running shoes washing up on different beaches. Several at different times and places. Actual feet!!!!

Low Tide High Style said...

Wow I'm with you! Hopefully someone will volunteer to remove it before it harms any living creatures, plant or animal! People are so very careless which makes me both sad and angry!

Thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog, it truly touched my heart! You are a very kind soul!

Kat :)

Kat said...

Good morning Rhonda! My reaction was almost identical to yours. At first I laughed, you have to admit this is an absurd sight. But then I started wondering what was going to happen when it began to break up, which it is bound to do. The "official" stance is unacceptable. They need to get that thing out of there. Then they need to try and find out who put it there in the first place and make them pay for the removal. Kat

Ryan said...

Hey Rhonda-

Just got information about the piano bar. The mystery is solved. Posted the information on my blog this morning. Ryan

Beach House Living said...

Beach trash is a pet peeve for me as well. Now for that piano why couldn't those who put it there take it away.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I saw this and worried the same thing about the wildlife. Unbelievable.

Lillian Robinson said...

I'm so sorry... I didn't laugh, but neither did I get furious. My first reaction was that it looked rather cool sitting there. I didn't think further along as to what would happen to the pieces if it was left there.

Maybe that is why so many people leave their trash for us to pick up... they don't think further...

Perhaps, instead of signs that state the penalty for littering, there should be photos that show the results to wildlife from their carelessness.

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