Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thrifting with Ms. Bake-it and Sweet Cheeks

On Saturday I got together with my friend Tracy from Ms. Bake-it and her adorable grandson, whom I shall call Sweet Cheeks — cuz he has the cutest little baby cheeks!

We had made plans a couple of weeks ago to go to the Saint Petersburg

first thing in the morning and then spend the afternoon thrifting. I've been asking her to take me with her, because she finds the most fabulous goodies and I wanted in.

Let me tell you first that it was cold here in Sunny Florida, maybe not as cold as where you live, but COLD for this old beach gal. I started out the door with a thin pullover sweater. This is typically all we need here in winter, but the last two years have proved to be cold by our standards and we run on beach standards in case you don't know — if it's too cold to wear shorts to the beach — it's too cold!

Anyway, I turned around and went back in for a cardigan to wear over my other sweater and thought that would be enough. Mornings have been in the mid 30s, but warming up in the afternoons. I thought I had all bases covered and headed over to Tracy's, from there we headed to the market. Here's the skies across from our destination…

Gray, gray and more gray. Oh, and it was cold! Tracy bundled up Sweet Cheeks as best as she could and we headed over to see if she could find a vendor selling blankets. Lots of vendors, but the only blankets were pure Alpaca with price tags of over a $100 — gorgeous, but not something you're going to pick up on a whim. Sweet Cheeks seemed happy and perfectly content…

so we wandered around for a while. This caught the attention of both of us…

Yummy baked goodies from the Bread Winners Bakery

Everything looked so good, but we each bought one of the Mozzarella Caprese Polenta Loaves, which are chock full of sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil.

Here's a pic I took at home…

The slices were as delicious as they look — both cold and toasted. At $5.00 loaf, I'm going to try and duplicate this recipe for myself.

We looked at beautiful jewelry, soft fabric dog collars, gorgeous ceramic pieces and much more, but the next thing that caught my attention was, of course, more food!

A big slab of mozzarella grilled between two slices of polenta, yep, it was a polenta kind of day and this was my breakfast. Delizioso! Magnifico!

Moving on, Tracy took me to her favorite vendor and the busiest one by far.

Worden Farm is an 85-acre certified organic family farm in Southwest Florida. They grow over 50 different varieties of certified organic vegetable, fruits, herbs and flowers. Their sustainable, ecological techniques conserve resources and protect soil, water, wildlife and human health. What's not to love?

Did you know it's strawberry season here in Florida? Look at these beauties! 

This was a new veggie for both Tracy and myself. Romanesco is a cauliflower and is gorgeous, don't you think?

Tracy hit the nail on the head when she said it looks like coral and we decided a much better name for this unusual looking cauliflower variant would be coralflower.

Tracy picked one up and I can't wait to hear how it cooked up. In fact, Tracy filled her bag with all kinds of good stuff, I on the other hand, was only able to pick up a beautiful bunch of carrots. I knew the fridge at home was already bursting full with groceries, but I will be back in the near future for sure! I love local organic veggies, they taste like the veggies from my youth — packed full of flavor. Remember those days?

The bunch I did pick up though, had one very unusual shaped root, it reminded me of, well let's just say I've decided to let it be my new spokesperson for eating organically…

Visit the Worden Farm website to learn more about the farm and even if you're not lucky enough to live here, you'll find lots of useful information on their blog, Words from Worden Farm. Here you'll find posts on storing your produce if you're part of a farm share (or any produce for that matter), how to compost, planting tips, a day in the life of a farm apprentice and, of course, tasty recipes.

Farmer's market locations of Worden Farm, a certified organic family vegetable farm in Southwest Florida. Visit their website for addresses and days of operation.

As we left the market, it seemed as though the sun was finally going to warm up our day…

This didn't last long though, the wind started blowing and I mean blowing. As we made our way from thrift store to thrift store, we were chilled to the bone. This didn't deter us from our mission, but I will say that Tracy learned how to QUICKLY get Sweet Cheeks and his stroller in and out of the van. By the end of the day, she had the whole routine down to under a minute.

I did manage to find a few things to make braving the cold well worth it…

A set of four brand new, double-walled glasses for my daughter, who loves dolphins. At 76 cents a piece, these were a real bargain.

This 15-inch decorative wall shelf will soon be given a new coat of white paint — shabby chic style and the sink inside will be replaced with…can you guess?

Why a beautiful shell, of course, along with a few more small shells on the outside to spruce it up a bit. Price? A whopping $2.06.

This 2-foot carving had to come home with me. She reminds me of my vacation to Jamaica in 1985, where I believe she may have been carved; she is of the same style as some of my other pieces.  She was $3.06.

Tracy spotted this buffet and I have a feeling she'll be back to pick it up.

But the sweetest thing I saw all day long was this face…

Sweet Cheeks had us laughing all day making this face. I kept trying to get a pic of it, but the camera was never ready.

I finally did manage, so while the lighting and focus in this photo isn't perfect, it shows you why he had us in stitches…

Sweet Cheeks shopped with us from 9am until 4pm and except for the whole changing the diaper thing, he was full of smiles and cooing the whole time. What a delightful baby, oh, and a real ham. He loves having his picture taken!

Despite the cold, I had a great day hanging out with Tracy and her adorable grandson. I look forward to doing it again real soon!

So how was your weekend?

18 Thoughtful Comments:

The Decorative Dreamer said...

That is an adorable baby, and he was a good boy wasn't he. He must have really enjoyed your company. So cute! I love those sweet cheeks too. That coralflower (LOL!) is really neat. I've never seen that before either. The bread also looked delicious too. I would love that recipe. Looks like you found some really neat bargains also. I cannot wait to see the shell shelf all finished. It's perfect for that! Looks like you had a wonderful day!

Kaybe said...

Is that a weekly market? Looks like y'all had a great day. That polenta looks delish. I never thought of making a grilled cheese sandwich out of it. Looking forward to seeing the shell magic you work on the cabinet.

Love ya!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sweetie...
Looks like you and Tracy had a wonderful time. Lots of goodies to eat, and some wonderful veggies to take home. Love those strawberries. They look out of this world delicious.

Now I have to tell you this little Sweet Cheeks is SO precious. Love that little face and in the last photo he appears to be giving you a BIG kiss with those little lips pursed. Oh how precious.

Love your purchases and what bargains they were. Your photos were so pretty sweetie. I thank you for taking me along this morning.

Hope you have a beautiful Tuesday. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Karen thisoldhouse2.com said...

COld.. our weekend was cold. But I sure enjoyed your little trip, thanks for taking us along..what an adorable baby!... and Oh, those mozzarella sandwiches look soooo good.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Looks like so much fun! I love that market! Sweet Cheeks is adorable.

Magdalena said...

Sweet Cheeks is so adorable!! How wonderful your time must have been. The market and all the goodies look wonderful, my stomach is growling away and its not even lunch time yet...!!
I love organic food and try to eat it as often as possible. BTW, that buffet is beautiful. I am looking for an interesting piece to paint white...not sure what I want yet but that was very pretty..
I invited you over for cocktails in one of my last posts...wishful thinking on my part, if only we lived closer. Hopefully this Spring or Summer we will meet up with the ladies somewhere...

RottenMom said...

Where can I get a "sweet cheeks"? So adorable! Oh my!

I am jealous of the fresh vegetables. I live in the frozen tundra and I miss the freshness! As always loved your post!

Drawn to The Sea said...

Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that you made that face right back at him ;-) The polenta cakes look wonderful... reminds me of hot water cornbread.

My weekend was collard greens, pu-TA-tuhs, & cholula.

Peaceful day,

Blondie's Journal said...

Sweet cheeks is precious...you knew he was going to steal all of out hearts, didn't you?!

What a fun day, Rhonda. All that delicious food and great finds. I am so glad the weather didn't stop you. Yesterday was in the low 20's. As I brought groceries in with my daughter, I suddenly said, "Why don't we live in Florida?!" ;-D


Jane said...

Oh how I wish I had been with you guys!!! Call me next time!!! Looks like the Saturday market was fun...as was GWS (was it as big as you thought?)

As it was, I worked all day...until 4:30am, then back up at 6:30 to make cinnamon rolls. The brunch/birthday party was a huge success and Mom was so happy to have her family all together.
Jane (ag)

Sue said...

Isn't he the cutest baby?

I had one of those polenta things in Orlando, freshly made at a art show/farmer's market. Aren't they to die for delicious?? I never get anything fried like that, but the smell just pulled me right in! Now I want another one.

Calypso In The Country said...

What a cutie! Love those long eye lashes!

rjerdee said...

the food is what caught my eye...what delish discoveries!!! And mr. sweet cheeks is a ham, alright! glad to hear he was so good...after all, there's not a whole lotta shoppin' goin' on in that stroller! what a good sport.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

What a great day Rhonda and what a beautiful baby boy!
I love your pics, they are really wonderful!
But it's hard to relate on the cold thing, cause 30's feel warm to us right now.
Years ago we went to Disney World in late Jan. and a few days it was only in the 30's. We practically had the whole place to ourselves and just ran through rides over and over again.
Take Care my friend,

Ms. Bake-it said...

Hello Rhonda!

What a great post about our day! Your pictures are fabulous! I will confess that the buffet has been on my mind almost 24/7! On Sunday I wandered all around the house trying to figure out what I could move and where I could put it! I think I will take another peek at it this coming weekend.

I had so much fun and look forward to going out and about with you again soon!


Jocelyn said...

Wow what a fun day. I live on the other side of the bay. I've never heard of Saturday Morning Market before. Can I ask where the thrift stores are located? I don't think I've done thifting on your side of the bay before, but it looks like it would be worth the drive.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Sweet cheeks is adorable! I know you had fun and enjoyed your day! You have to layer your clothes lately! And I always love that you give links for me to follow up with! Hugs to you, my friend! ♥

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Looks like a super fun time! :-)

I love the beach and everything that goes with it! I love the waves lapping at my feet. I love the feel of the sand between my toes. I love the roar of the Pacific and the gentle waves of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. Let's talk about beaches around the world, bonfires, building sandcastles, swaying palm trees, flamingos, clambakes, sunrises and sunsets. If it's tropical, it fits this blog!


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