Friday, January 7, 2011

And I'm feeling good

On Wednesday, I showed you the results of my late night/early morning shelling excursion and told you I had headed out to Dunedin Causeway to see what the low tide was revealing. I also wanted to be in one of my favorite spots to watch the sunrise. I was truly rewarded for getting up at 2:30am, so I could be on the beach by 3am. I didn't miss a minute of this spectacular display. Without further ado and no photo retouching, here's what I saw…

WOW! I'm telling you, it was the best sunrise I have ever witnessed. The colors were brilliant and just lit up the sky. I was humbled to see something so magnificent. My troubles were washed away from my weary brain as I stood beneath this display of light and yes, a few tears were shed in the process. Are there any fireworks anywhere that could rival this show in the sky?

As the sun began to show itself, a gentle rain began and I stood there mesmerized by the beauty of Mother Nature at her finest. I was so refreshed spiritually and the soft rain only added to my feeling of reawakening. Last year was a tough year, but I am determined to enjoy life, realizing I can only do my best and let the cards fall where they may. I know I must still take the time to appreciate the things that are good in my life — my family and friends, which includes all of you, and a sunrise that paints the morning sky with hope for a new day.

Birds flying high

You know how I feel

Sun in the sky

You know how I feel

Breeze driftin' on by

You know how I feel

It's a new dawn

It's a new day

It's a new life

For me

And I'm feeling good.

Lyrics from Feeling Good written by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse (1965)

The day only continued to get better as I made my way to my girlfriend Sharon's home at about 7:30am. Now you know someone is a good friend when you can show up at her door at that hour, waking the dog and the husband in the process mind you, and she drags herself out of bed, throws on some clothes and is willing to go down the street to The Covered Bridge Restaurant to have breakfast with you.

After a plate of grits and eggs and lots of coffee, we jumped in the car
and headed back down to the causeway. 

By this time the sun was high up in the sky…

The yellows, oranges and reds of my morning had turned into this…

And I'm feeling good.

After we had both taken tons of photos, picked up a few more shells, and stopped by the thrift store, we headed back to Sharon's and were greeted by her smiling hubby. No, Charles didn't kill me for waking them so early, he was just as nice and sweet as always. Now how come I never met a guy like that?

Sharon and I spent most of the day in her studio. I watched as she worked on a new painting for an upcoming show, we talked art, I took a few strolls around a nearby park and later we munched on some croissants Charles picked up for us with some Marionberry jam his mother had sent for Christmas.

This is Sharon, painting Sharon, from a photo of Sharon…

Yea, it was a good day

And I'm feeling good.

I returned home rejuvenated and the next day I uploaded the photos I had taken to my computer. I got the ones above ready for this post and then decided I wanted to play around in Photoshop. I use this program all the time for work and for personal use, but my friend Julie of Being Ruby has inspired me to get more artsy with it and if you've visited her blog, you know exactly what I'm taking about. I love her style and hope one day to be half as good as her. She is such an inspiration to me in my artistic pursuits. (The photo I worked with is the fifth one in this post.)

Thanks Julie, this ones for you…

Yes, it was another good day

And I'm feeling good.

19 Thoughtful Comments:

Kat said...

Just gorgeous Rhonda! Sounds like you had an absolutely perfect day. I love the sunrise shots. I feel calm just looking at them, there is nothing like seeing the sun rise behind a row of palms. Hope that 2011 is filled with lots of days like these :) Kat

Ms. Bake-it said...

Oh, wow, how absolutely spectacular! I am so glad to hear that you are finally starting to feel better. Looks and sounds like you had a fabulous day with Sharon.

~ Tracy

Anonymous said...

WOW! I can't imagine what that was like in person. How beautiful! You must feel completely refreshed now = )

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Just gorgeous photos Rhonda!
What a great day and a great friend too!
I do want to come to Florida sooo bad!
It's going to have to be sooner than later cause these pics are inspiring me!
Hugs Friend,

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It really does make you happy to be alive! I am happy just seeing your photos...I love the ocean! Hope you have a fabulous day today! We have a bright sunny day here in central FL!!♥

Anonymous said...

These are WONDERFUL! I'm considering this post a birthday present... the prettiest even sunrise AND I didn't have to get up at 2:30.

You're awesome!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Gorgeous photos, Rhonda! What a glorious sky!!!

And I love Sharon's self portrait. She's very good.

Glad you had a good day and hoping that the weather will turn and give us many more.

I see sun today peeking through the windows. YEA!


Sheila :-)

RottenMom said...

This is seriously one of the most inspiring post I have ever read. I literally got chills looking at the gorgeous photos.

What a great friend you have in Sharon! And what a great artist she is!

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, that makes me really happy! I replied to you over there. I may look into the soy option for my hot flashes!

Linda Jackson said...

Thank you for sharing this beautifully created monring by our Father. A mini vacation for me as always - especially when the weather man is threatening 4-8 inches of snow/ice....sigh! Love the humor ans love shared between you and your friend! Blessings! Linda j.

The Florida Blogger said...

That's a real nice header. How did you do that? Surely Blogspot didn't allow you to do it that way.

Jane said...

WOW!I'm gonna just HAVE to get up to watch the sunrise...truthfully, I have never thought to drive over to Dunedin Causeway to do this. I do, however, watch sunsets there almost every week...

Don't you just love Covered Bridge? Their GIANT pancake always defeats me. Marty and Drew used to go every Saturday when there was no soccer game... Gotta get back there, too.

ps glad you feel better!

Simple Daisy said... very beautiful!!!

ps...I am having a give-away on my blog if you have a minute to stop over!!!!!!

Leo said...

Wow - beautiful sunrise - amazing photographs.

CHERI said...

Oh, my...the photos are breath taking. And your friend is so talented. I love you, too, but don't come to my door that early without warning. The way I look might scare you:)

Lindsay-ann said...

These pictures took my breath away Rhonda. They are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing them. I can't wait to show my daughter. They are truly the most beautiful sunrise pictures ever. Glad you had a fun day with your friend.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Rhonda Sweetie...
Oh my gosh what a GORGEOUS share. I love all the colors. All I can say is God sure was busy with his paintbrush that morning. What a magnificent display of beauty. I am so thrilled that you captured it and shared it with me today. Oh sweetie, just breathtaking.

I could smell the air, so clean. I could hear the birds screaming over head, so clear. I could feel the breeze of the ocean on my face, a cool mist, and I could even feel the sand between my toes, so wet. Oh thank you for taking me along today. I SO enjoyed my visit.

Now what I want to know is where are all the shell treasures that you gathered when you went back? I wanted to see them as well.

A beautiful share my precious friend. Just beautiful. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Oh my dear Rhonda.. this sunrise was spectacular!! and all the more so as I rarely get to see it.. not a morning person.. but your beautiful shots and mesmerizing words have transported me there and I can feel that excited energy one gets with??? what's that thing?? oh yes... hope!! haha Yep that's it I think. It's funny isn't it how within a few minutes nature can quite transport one's mood and generate a seed of new beginnings!!

Your friend Sharon sounds like the best of friends.. what a sweetheart [like you!!] and what an incredible talent.. I just love that painting in the background in the self portrait shot.. she creates so much energy in her work.. Fabulous..

You know once again I'm embarrassed by your kindness.. and truly happy that I have inspired you to play around in photoshop.. I think if we can inspire just one person to find a new passion... we are sharing the best of life... and I know I feel lucky to have you as my blog friend and share in things that move us deeply..

HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND dear Rhonda.. and many more beautiful sunrises!! xxx Julie

Kaybe said...

Your pics are amazing. I know you & Sharon had a great day. She is such an amazing artist. I loved the pic she did of Sheldon. What a keepsake. OK - the new header roc...I mean shells. You are dangerous with that program!

Love ya!

Just Us said...

Hmmmm as I sit here on the sofa with the computer in my lap and the dogs softly snoring at my feet
( who am I kidding our Goldie, Cali, snores...I mean SNORES! ) I was so tickled to be able to peek in to this wonderful day you enjoyed and for the moment, imagine I was there with you and your friends! I must admit to a teensie weensy bit of jealousy as I am actually sitting in my living room with previously mentioned dogs and it is a mere 12 degrees outside. The photos were wonderful. Your words gave me a much needed escape to the beach. Please come and adopt me...sometimes Winter lasts a bit too long in Utah!
Love ya

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