Thursday, July 1, 2010

Project Genesis

This is going to be a different kind of post for me today. I've been suffering from blogging block this week. A form of writer's block in which I just didn't know what the heck I wanted to post about. I have so much on my mind, foremost is the oil spill. I just can't seem to function normally while our precious Gulf is going through such a tragic change. As I watch the news of the oil washing ashore in the form of tar balls, it breaks my heart. My life has always revolved around the beach, always. I've lived on the Pacific, the Gulf and now the Atlantic.

But, while I cry over the devastation being forced upon our shore, I also cry over the sea life that is being impacted, the water that has become polluted for who knows how long? I see people's livelihoods being destroyed. I watch this all and feel so helpless of how I can possibly help save our precious oceans. For that matter, how do we save this planet we call home?

This weighs heavily on my mind, as I know it does so many of you. So what are we going to do about it? We share recipes, photos, gardening tips, craft ideas and so much more and I love that about our blogging community, but I want to do more with my blog. Sure, I'm going to continue with my usual posts, but I want to add something in the mix and today I found a way to do that thanks to my dear friend Julie @ Being Ruby.

Julie's post today introduced me to another blogger, Susan of Old Grey Mare who has come up with what I believe is brilliant! Susan has started Project Genesis and she describes it this way:

"My goal is simple. For at least one day a month I want us all to learn something new about our environment, and educate ourselves to conserve our natural resources, restrict fossil fuels, protect our food sources and consciously make change. This will be a learning process for all of us, and I plan to be surprised by the ideas put forth and the wisdom shared."

Now some of you may know that for the last two years I have participated in the Oceanic Blog-A-Thon, hosted by Cris of Here and There and Everywhere on World Oceans Day. The first year I wrote about the Mangrove trees in Florida and the impact they have on our ecosystem. This year I wrote about an Oyster Restoration Project here in Georgia. These are two of my favorite posts, because I hope that all of you who read them learned something new on how we can protect our oceans and how each living thing, be it animal or plant work to keep our environment, thus our way of life, safe.

Today is the very first day of Project Genesis and since I was totally unprepared, my participation today will be to inform you all of this most worthy project and urge you to visit Susan, read the rules, and think about what you do to protect our planet and post next month. This will take place on the 1st day of each month. I like this idea, what do you think? Already today I visited each link of the participants, nine as of this post and learned a few things I had no idea about. Awareness is the key to knowledge and we each need to stop and think about how every decision we make has a direct impact on the world around us. So what do you think my dear, dear readers, can we all share with each other things we each do or things we've learned that will have a positive effect? My hopes today are that you will learn more about Project Genesis and share your knowledge and ideas with the rest of us on August 1, 2010. We can make a difference, one blog at a time.

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oldgreymare said...

Well aren't you sweet and wonderful! Thank you so much. It feels terrific to see how excited everyone is about this and I'm hoping we can reach more bloggers every month.

Whether we share ideas or simply educate ourselves by reading other's ideas, we are affecting change.

Through Genesis this morning, I have already found a link for biodegradable bags, a great method for dealing with doggie doo and some info about honey that I otherwise would not have.

WhOo HoO!

Welcome aboard!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Thanks, Rhonda! I will be sure and check it all out. It's important!


Sheila :-)

Sea Witch said...

Hello ShellBelle. So glad to meet you blog friend. I adore St. Mary's, GA. Have been a few times passing through but always managed to stop for lunch overlooking the water. Your's is my favorite type of community to live in. This is such a wonderful project and I hope that by this venue we can change a few lifestyles. I used to use fabric bags all of the time, not sure when I stopped. Sometimes life just get's away from you. Blessings to you. Sea Witch

Lindsay-ann said...

Sounds a great project to be involved with. I will check it out.

Desert Dreaming said...

If you had a mental block on what to write, you sure picked a subject that is so dear to so many people's hearts. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone. I can't stand to watch the news in the evenings to see all those precious beautiful little animals hurting, the many people this oil spill is effecting, and of course the damage that will never go away. You know we are now going through the loss of two wonderful young police officers here in the Tampa area, and unable to catch the person who killed them. Just heartbreaking. So many sadness on the news, we all have to think positive and continuing praying.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear Rhonda
Well you have done us all proud.. you write with such clarity and passion.. and I know that the sea and it's inhabitants.. is so dear to you... Thanks for joining in and spreading the message..

Have a lovely weekend my friend.. xxx Julie

Blondie's Journal said...

Yours is the 3rd post I read on my blogroll regarding Project Genesis and it has perked my curiousity. I don't know what I can share but I have a month to think about it. And let me say all three post had a deep impact on me.


Simple Daisy said...

I have never heard of sure sounds like something proud to be a part of!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I'm thankful for everyone who respects and loves nature, the planet, the oceans and seas enough to become a conscious consumer! I think at some point though we have to look at seafood too. The highly praised fishing industry is a big part of the pollution problem in the ocean..., and fish and other sea creatures are treated like merchandise which saddens me as well. Humans stop at nothing in order to make money..., the problem I believe goes deep and I agree, it has to start with each individual. Okay, this just being a bit of a rambling and rant of an ocean lover.

A big hug..., and have a wonderful 4th!

Jen Beaudet Z said...

Hi Rhonda,
This sounds like a great thing. I'm going to check it out. I've been so upset about the BP disaster. I wish could go down there and save those animals. It's devastatng.Take care! Jennifer:)

CrazyCris said...

no time for blogging... too busy with friends and beach and snorkling! ;o)

but I saw your comment by e-mail and quick reply: YES! go ahead and use the palm tree fireworks however you'd like!


Anonymous said...

Happy to see you've joined us! :) I hope this blog project grows and grows, and starts making a huge difference!!! :)
Happy 4th,

rjerdee said...

Exciting stuff about Project Genesis...I plan to participate come August 1. Very inspiring idea...

CHERI said...

I was so excited to read your comment on my blog! Isn't it a small world? I wonder if I know any of your parents' friends here...or family? We have lived here about 36 years now. Lots of my friends though are born and bred here! I'm so have over 190 followers on your blog (and now me). I can't wait to poke around. Please come back to visit anytime.

Tink *~*~* said...

Hi there - so far so good down here at the SW Florida Gulf beaches - they're saying if you're marine life, this is the safest place to be at the moment. May it continue to be so! I'm glad to learn about this project - thanks for posting about it!

Happy Critturday,
Tink *~*~*

Sharon said...

I am late with this visit to a sorority sister, I had company last week and just getting caught up. I live on a beach on lake Erie and could not imagine the hardship the people are going through. Right now there are so many people enjoying the wonders of this world on the beach here. Just hope and pray that some day soon all will be back to normal.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Rhonda,
So glad to see you posting. And this is just a wonderful idea and I will be sure to check it out.
Thanks for the idea and although I live far from the Gulf I think about it and watch it on CNN all the time. It is so devasting. On a brighter note, try to have a Happy 4th!
Hugs to you,

Joanna Jenkins said...

Project Genesis sounds very interesting. I'll stop by and have a look around cuz lord knows I could learn a thing or two from it :-)

I hear you about having lived on both coasts and seeing the changes-- The Oil crisis is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. It's really heart-breaking.

Thank you for bringing this opportunity to my attention. And thank you for your kind comment on my "feeling blue" post. As if on cue, as I was reading your comment, the sun peeked out! Yeah!

Happy July 4th weekend Shellbelle. I hope you have a fun time.


Drawn to The Sea said...

Hello friend.
What's happening in our Gulf of Mexico makes me so sad I can hardly speak of it. Just getting started on my blog again, & I hope to add something to the wonderful Genesis Project.

Hugs to you in your new home. Enjoy!

Sue said...

I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you that I have been so upset by the oil spill and the results. When the tar showed up on the panhandle beaches, places I had visited and loved, it made me sick. Seeing the creatures stuck in the oil, hearing the stories of the people who are losing their businesses...heartbreaking and no end in sight. As I left Siesta Key I had to wonder if the beaches would still be white and beautiful when I go back. This is an excellent project. I'm the first to admit that this isn't something I really know anything about and have no idea what I could write about, but I'm willing to learn.

I love the beach and everything that goes with it! I love the waves lapping at my feet. I love the feel of the sand between my toes. I love the roar of the Pacific and the gentle waves of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. Let's talk about beaches around the world, bonfires, building sandcastles, swaying palm trees, flamingos, clambakes, sunrises and sunsets. If it's tropical, it fits this blog!


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