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The Pink Bike Dilemma

In case you haven't realized it before — I am an optimist. With all the challenges I've faced, I always expect good things are on their way. The sun will come out tomorrow, the economy will get back on track, work will start flowing into my inbox soon and they'll get that darn oil cleaned up in The Gulf.

I'm hoping to purchase a bike in the Fall. Now I haven't ridden a bike for many, many years (more than I care to remember), but after watching everyone riding bikes around my recent visit to Jekyll Island, I am more determined than ever to get myself a bike. The cousin that I visit regularly in Neptune Beach has a bike and rides it ALL the time. She and her boyfriend hop their bikes to ride down to the beach all the time. This proves especially smart on those days the beach is crowded and parking is limited. The same holds true at many places I plan to visit near my new home. 

I really, really, really want a bike. I have three requirements that must be met — it has to be comfortable, it has to be cute and it HAS to be PINK!

These are the two I'm considering:

The Electra Townie

Offering stability, laid-back style and a convenient step-through design,
the Electra Townie is great for women looking for a
fun, functional cruiser bike. –Electra Online

The Electra Hawaii

It's all about the fun. About riding the boardwalk in light
summer clothes, with flip flops on your feet
and a smile on your face. –Electra Online

Both bikes sound and look wonderful. I like the upright position you sit in on both of these bikes. Being bent over for hours just doesn't sound appealing to my old back.

Both are beach cruisers and I can just imagine myself cruising down the shore, of course, I'll have to have one of those little bells to warn folks to get out of my way! I also will insist on a basket, because you just know I'll be stopping and collecting a few shells along the way. Funny, the guy at the bike store told me they have chrome baskets to match the chrome on the bike. Men! They just look at things differently than I do. I told him my bike has to have a wicker basket!

Now both of these bikes get high reviews in the comfort and stability factors, but from what I've read, The Townie is the most comfortable, BUT I think The Hawaii is by far the most adorable bike I've ever seen.

I love, love, love the hibiscus detailing!

The treads on the tires are also in the shape of hibiscus, so when your riding in the damp sand, you leave a trail of flowers behind you. Know how cute is that? 

It also has more hibiscus blossoms on the seat. 

and I love the white-walled tires!

They even have hibiscus decals for my car, for when I have to transport my bike to some distant location. Don't you think they'll be oh, so adorable on the back window of my little Scion?

The Townie is an aluminum frame and The Hawaii is a steel frame, so the difference in weight could be an important factor when lifting into the back of the car.

So, here they are side-by-side…

Which one do you like?

I am really in this whole pink bike mindset and I swear, I see them all over the place now. A few weeks ago I was surfing around a few new blogs and I came across a post at Vintage Remixed that really caught my attention. This lovely blogger took us on a virtual tour of The Vintage Flea, a FABULOUS store in Newnan, Georgia. And yes, I already googled mapped the place and discovered it is about a six hour drive for me, BUT it's only about a half an hour from my Aunt Dot's house. Get the guest room ready!

You really should check out this post (and the rest of her blog) , she took lots of photos of this remarkable store and I loved them all, but the one that caught my eye most was this one:

What's that I see, right there in the middle?

A painting of a pink bike!

Then as I was reading the comments left by others, I see that the artist who painted it had left a comment AND she also has a blog. Well, you know I just hurried on over there to check it out.

Jenni blogs about her creative life and she is truly an inspiration to fledgling artists such as myself. AND she is a fellow Georgian, a Southern gal, like me. I sent her an email, asking if I include a photo of her pink bike painting on this post. She responded in the affirmative and told me she owns a pink bike herself. I tell ya, I'm just lovin' this talented gal. Look at her ultra-cute header below to see just a sample of her work. Click here to be transported to Jenni Adkins Horne.

She also has an etsy store full of her fabulous art and some of the cutest i.d. bracelets around. Be sure to check out her blog and her etsy store. Oh, and tell her Shellbelle sent you surfing in!

I love the sentiment Jenni included on her pink bike painting and it is advice I think we should all live by:

go where you've never been

Now before I go off and dream about my pink bike some more, I want to remind you that today is the last day to sign up for my giveaway. So, if you haven't done this yet be sure to click on the link in my sidebar and get your name on the list!


20 Thoughtful Comments:

Joyce said...

I like both bikes. The one with the speeds is better for the knees but the one without is better for riding on the beach. I have no speeds on mine and do more sidewalk riding to the docks so I am thinking of trading mine in for one with speeds now. Very flat on Hilton Head island but the knees need some TLC these days:-) Just have fun riding in the wind...

Loui♥ said...

Hi Shelle..
Love the bikes.. both..
but I'm with you,,
the Hawaii and Hibiscus steals my heart!
Wonder if they come in Blue..
Or yellow?
now I'm off to see the blogs you mentioned..
those paintings truly intrigued my imagination..
and I loved the quote...
"go where you've never been before"
warm sandy hugs..

rjerdee said...

O, it was the Hawaii for me right off the bat! Ever so cute!!!

Inspired2cook said...

I vote for the Hawaii! What a cute bike!!! Love the hibiscus detail!!!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I love the dark pink!! And I would want a basket on the bike too for all the beach stuff. I'm dreamin' of living in a place where I can bike to the beach (on a country-esque road..., not where cars are racing by).

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hey, you!

I like them both. I really love that light pink, but the dark pink is pretty, too. I think I would opt for the aluminum if you are going to be riding near the salt water. Wouldn't it hold up better than steel? Salt water is pretty corrosive, and we have salt in the air up here. Plus, if it's lighter, it would be less of a struggle getting it off your car.

Love those artists! NEAT!

I'm looking forward to our visit. Check out what Stella found for Lindsay. That's one reason she's so late going home. I couldn't find what I wanted for her. FINALLY, I did, with Stella's help of course! ;-)



Kat said...

Oh, you have to get the Hawaii! It leaves flower prints in the sand :) Really, they are both adorable, but those tires would sway me. I'm sneaking in to read this at work, will come back later and check out the blogs you found. Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Kathy

The Fajdich Times said...

How fun! I really like the Townie. I like the dark pink.....but the Hawaii is very cute too:) Can't wait to see which one you decide on.

The Florida Blogger said...

Riding around town on a pink bike screams, "I live on a beach." Or "I live in Boulder, CO."

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Every girl has got to have a pink bike! It's mandatory!
I did a post awhile back on my pink trike, I love it. It has both a hand brake and foot breaks.
I like it because it keeps me stable and has a little basket on the back.

I like both of your choices. Take them for a test drive and then make your decision. I'm sure we will see you cruzin by in no time.


CrazyCris said...

I was going to say you lost me at the word PINK, but both do look like cool bikes... in spite of the colour! :p

As a redhead I have serious issues with that colour... ;O)

Have fun choosing!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I think both of the bikes rock...but bike #2 is my fav! Thanks so much for posting my GULF COAST BUTTON/GIVEAWAY:)


Ms. Bake-it said...

I think the details on the Hawaii are pretty cool, but I prefer the Townie. You know, you can get decals to put on the Townie to dress it up... I want a turquoise Townie and, like you, it has to have a wicker basket!

Thank you for your sweet comments today.

~ Tracy

The Vintage-Flea said...

Great post and thank you for mentioning my store, The Vintage-Flea!! I'm from Fort Lauderdale myself so I am with you about missing the beach. Hope you get a chance to come by The Flea next time you are visiting Aunt Dot. This way you can really see the show stealer.. my vintage wicker tricycle!!

Vintage Remixed said...

Thank you for mentioning my blog today. You wrote such a sweet post and I had to share it with the owner of the Vintage Flea, which I see she beat me to commenting. :-)

I went to Tybee Island back in April and those pink bikes were everywhere. And I'm with you about the beach. I think it's a chicks thing because my hubby doesn't care for the beach and most men I know don't really care for it.

Since you love the beach so much you'll really appreciate The Flea because they have a great collection of shells and coastal things. And Jenny's work is amazing in person. The photos doesn't do justice.

Hope you get to visit soon and again thanks for stopping by my blog.


The Muse said...

whichever one you choose...
ill meet you on the path!

with my fire red beauty :)

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Rhonda
I agree both those bikes are adorable. My advice would be to go for the one that's the most comfortable to ride and easier to lift/carry. I love cycling too but I only cycle down hill or on the flat. Uphill is no fun!

Arabella said...

The Hawaiian/Hibiscus is definitley the way to go! Can wait to see pics with you on your new bike :O)

Unknown said...

Hey there! Thanks so much for the lovely are too sweet! When you come to visit our way be sure to drop me a line. Take care and enjoy your bike ride!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Rhonda
It's the late one again!! haha.. I am so slow at blogging lately.. Well... is this plumeria a frangipani??? do we just have different names for them??? Will have to go and research this now... but that pink is fantastic!! very bougainvillea colour

Now about that backyard.. wow,. that tree shot.. fantastic.. as you know I will have a little backyard soon.. really my view is probably better from the unit.. I will get to look at a fence. ahahha.. but will have grass.... and.. will have somewhere to live.. that helps!! hahaha...

and about the bikes.. gee .. cannot decide which pink I like.. was going to say pale.. but then.. the other does remind me of your plumeria!!!

Have fun.. thanks for the lovely comments and support!!! you guys are the best!! xxx Julie

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