Friday, June 25, 2010

Me and Mrs. Magpie

This was a very special week here at The Hut! For the longest time one of my favorite bloggers and I have been trying to get our schedules coordinated so that we could meet for lunch and that day finally arrived on Wednesday.

She is such a dear sweet soul and we've become quite good friends in the last year. As you know earlier this month my beloved dog, Sheldon passed away. Well, let me tell you that within five minutes of that announcement on my blog, she was on the phone calling with her condolences and provided a shoulder to cry on. She called several times that day to check on me and everyday after until I could finally lift my head and begin the healing process. I honestly don't know what I would have done without her to pour my grief out to. She is an amazing person and I am proud to call her my friend.

Some of you already know who I'm talking about, for those who don't, it was the Quintessential Magpie — Sheila! Yes, Sheila and I spent the afternoon in Fernandina Beach, Florida. Soon after I moved to Georgia, Sheila said she wanted to take me to lunch to welcome me to the Atlantic Coast. Isn't she just the sweetest?

Mrs. Magpie ask me to pick the place where we would "do" lunch. I thought and thought, but then decided we just had to go to my absolutely favorite place in Fernandina —

Kelley's Courtyard Cafe

I love the patio seating and on that hot, hot Florida day, Kelley's tree-lined, umbrella-covered courtyard provided relief from the heat.

I just adore the lime green umbrellas!

Now for those who know her, Sheila does not do photos, but I can show you what we had for lunch and in true Kelley's style, everything was delicious!

We started with a chilled Thai Watermelon Soup that was out of this world!

Mrs. Magpie had the Fried Chicken and Brie Salad with Pecans

I had the Portobello and Mozzarella Salad

This salad was fabulous! The mushroom and cheese were warm and gooey and just melted in my mouth. I savored every single bite.

Then the waiter ask it we would like dessert. Like dessert? I think it took about two seconds for us to answer in the affirmative. We gave our fabulous waiter, Devin, our order and now here's where the story gets good…

We had both ordered the same thing and when Devin returned he had one plate with two spoons? I just know a look of horror passed over both our faces! One? Why no dear Devin, we each want our own!

I know that sharing is a good thing, but when it comes to dessert that means you only get half! Honey, I'll share anything I have with you, but keep your paws off my dessert!

The table nearby laughed when I informed said dear waiter, that we each wanted our own. I told him that I was an old woman and I don't have to watch my girlish figure any more. (Doesn't mean I shouldn't, but after all, it's dessert we're talking about here.)

So Devin ran back to the kitchen to fetch another and we each ended up with one of these…

Granny Mutt's Blueberry Square

Vanilla ice cream and warm blueberry compote served over the tastiest pasty. It was one of those concoctions that you swear you'd died and gone to heaven! Every bite was sheer delight! I ask Devin if anyone was looking, because I so wanted to pick up that plate and lick up every last morsel. (I didn't, but if I had been home, trust me, I would have.)

Thank you Kelley's for another scrumptious meal! You guys are the best!

When you find yourself in our area, be sure to stop by Kelley's Courtyard Cafe located at 19 South 3rd Street (Just off Centre Street) in Historic Downtown Fernandina Beach, Florida.

Now Mrs. Magpie was so sweet and the conversation between two blogging friends was non-stop. After lunch we discovered that we both love Eight Flags Antique Market, so we quickly (well not too quickly, our bellies were full and it was hot) walked down Centre Street to this wonderful shopping experience. This place has so many wonderful things, but I will give you a quick peek at what I spotted in my favorite corner of the store…

I'd love to back up a truck and haul everything home with me!

Thank you for dropping by The Hut today and a BIG thank you and an even BIGGER hug to Sheila for lunch and for the "Shell Crazy" book. Every time I look at it I will remember what a wonderful day we shared and I look forward to many more!

Did you see that little book in the middle of table in the second to last photo? The title is "Shell Crazy" and Mrs. Magpie said that anybody who loves shells as much as I do just needed to own a book with that title. She is so sweet and so funny and I just adore her!

I'm linking up with Michael @ Designs By Gollum for Foodie Friday, so be sure to drop by for some fabulous recipes and more foodie photos. Michael is a busy gal with the deadline on her new book looming just over the horizon, but our foodie friends are still there carrying on in her absence!

34 Thoughtful Comments:

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Rhonda, this is the SWEETEST post, and I enjoyed our meal tremendously because it meant that I got to eat with YOU! I would have eaten Spam to have had that opportunity. Well, maybe not Spam, but you get the drift. LOL! You are a real sweetheart, and I hope you know how much I enjoyed meeting you. :-) But we do know our food, and that was GOOD! Particularly that dessert... oh, heaven!

And I adore my ornament. :-) I am going to do a proper post about that AND my wonderful candle. They were such thoughtful gifts, and I appreciate them both so much. I'm already enjoying the candle, and the ornament is going to have a place of prominence on my tree. It's even better knowing that YOU made it!

I'm delighted you are a new "neighbor," and I look forward to more visits in the future. I really want you to come to St. Augustine for a visit and check out some of our local restaurants there.


Sheila :-)

Blondie's Journal said...

How incredibly lucky you were to meet Sheila. I love her to death and I am determined to meet up with her someday. Can you join us? That she called you every day after Sheldon passed just makes my heart melt because I know she is that sort of sweet person.

Your pictures are fantastic, Rhonda. I really got the feel of Fernadino Beach. The food looked delicious {watermelon Thai soup? Only in Florida!} I would love to have tagged along to the antique store as well. Yep...a truck load for me, please!!

I'm so happy you had a great time and I'm sure Mrs. Magpie did as well. Your post made me smile!!


Simple Daisy said...

Ooh my gosh...that lunch spot looks fantastic!!!
I think that would be the perfect day...lunching and then the antique shops!!! Wonderful:)

susan said...

Well, now I'm jealous! I would love to meet BOTH of you! Isn't it fun to meet the face on the other side of the blog? I was hoping you might have a "scoop" and show us a picture of the mystery woman! :) Lunch and the surroundings look divine. I am with you on the sharing dessert thing. I am so sorry about Sheldon. They become such a part of our lives and leave such a void when they are gone. I am glad you had Sheila to console you. I am sure she can make anyone smile and offer a shoulder to cry on as well. Great post!

Kat said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! Two of my very favorite people, an incredible looking lunch and DESSERT! The restaurant looks amazing, especially that dessert. I cracked up when I read the story. And that shop looks fantastic. What a wonderful day you two had. Hugs, Kat (ps, I know it's not polite to lick your plate in public, but sometimes you can surreptitiously run your finger over the plate and very delicately lick the finger. Repeat several times. Hold your pinkie out and it will look proper!)

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! I think I am drooling on my computer! Your lunch looks heavenly!
PS Can you tell I'm on a diet? LOL!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh SCRUMPTIOUS looking meal, and equally scrumptious antiques mall pictures!
LOVE it all. What fun!
And that blueberry dessert? You should have ordered one for each HAND!


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Rhonda
I loved hearing about your 'get together' with Sheila. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Your meal looked delicious and that desert mmmmmmmm I'm lost for words it looked so good. Eight Flags Antique market looks right up my street. I wish it actually was up my street I would be there all the time. Thanks for the great pictures. EVERYTHING looks gorgeous. I think we should get that truck between us and haul the lot! Sheila is one of my dearest blogging friends. I am so excited because I will be meeting her too next year. I can't wait. I love my visits to your blog and all the lovely beachyness you share.

Susan and Sam said...

Oh, I just love your blog. I love all things BEACH. Right now I am "stuck" in Rossville, GA, while my DH does a 6 month stint with the National Park Service. Come October, we headed to FLA! Check out my blog if you get a chance: htp://

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Aren't you so lucky Rhonda!
What a fun time you two must have had! I am a bit jealous, but you happy for you two as well!
The dessert, oh my, and the antique shop with the wonderful decor, what fun!
thanks for sharing this,

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhonda! OH, what a wonderful gal that Mz. Magpie is! I love Sheila! How sweet of her to keep a check on you. I do hope you're feeling better. It's just so hard to loose a darling pet!
Well, both of your lunches look so tasty but honey, the dessert! I don't blame you - I'd certainly want my own.
The antique shop looks like a great place to play!
Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Theresa said...

Girl, you made me so hungry:) Thanks for visiting me and leaving that sweet comment! I love new visitors, heck I love old visitors too:) Have a wonderful day and big hugs!

Jane said...

What an absolutely perfect day! Meeting a true friend, face to face...fabulous food (that dessert looks divine!)...and a super antique mall for browsing. All in Fernandina Beach!!! So glad you ladies had such a wonderful time.

Jane (artfully graced)

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Rhonda
So glad you got to meet up with your blogging friend.. how fantastic.. and that cafe looks life a wonderful place to relax and unwind.. Just LOVE the antique market shots too.. gee I would go nuts and have even more to move!!!

Thanks for the lovely comments on the Santorini images... so glad you liked them... Have a fabulous weekend.. xxx Julie

Julie@beingRUBY said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gloria said...

Greetings! This is my first time visiting your blog -- Sheila told me she was meeting you for lunch and that you had taken some photos and were going to write about it. I wish I lived in Florida so I could join you guys! (I am in Conn. -- too far of a trip!) Looked like such fun! Thanks for sharing.
Best regards,

Gloria said...

P.S. I forgot to say: my condolences on the loss of your beloved dog, Sheldon. I saw his picture on your previous post. He looked like a lovely, beautiful dog. My sympathies...


Anonymous said...

What a delightful place! That courtyard couldn't BE more inviting!

Watermelon Thai Soup looks fabulous. I'm going to look online and see if I can find out what's in it. Oh gosh... the blueberry square. . . WOW! Years ago a friend and I met for lunch and we EACH had two desserts. We still laugh about it.

Sharon's picture of your beloved dog... oh, my! Just wonderful! I can imagine what it means to you. Big dogs leave big holes in your heart. Believe me, I know.

Sharon and Elsa look like fun.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Rhonda Sweetie...
Oh what a thrill for each of you. I would love to meet you two. If you ever make it this way to Phoenix, please let me know. We have so many things to do here. Lots to see.

I loved the photo of the green (lime ofcourse) umbrella. It was so cute. I loved the shells in the store, and I know that is right up your alley.

Lunch looked scrumptous. I would love the salad with the chicken and pecans please. Yum. What a special day for two friends to spend together, making memories to last a lifetime. Isn't blogging just WONDERFUL?

I am finally feeling a little better and trying really hard to get out and say hi to my friends. What a long road.

Have a beautiful Saturday sweetie. I would love for you to stop by and sign up for my 1 year blog anniversary giveaway.

Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

Magdalena said...

Hi Shellbelle
I am so happy you and Mrs. Magpie met and had such a lovely day together. The menu has me very hungry now, everything looked so delicious. The shop looks like it is just filled with treasures that I too wish I could fill my truck with and haul home...I love all the white painted pieces. And the Shell Crazy book is perfect for a seashell lover like you, I'm sure you will always think of Sheila when you look at it.
Now I need to get me and Oliver down to meet you one day soon!!...fingers crossed

Vintage Remixed said...

It's so nice when you finally get to meet a blogger in person. I've met a few of mine and it's like meeting an old friend. Thanks for the antique tour. I'm loving that shell lamp.

Ms. Bake-it said...

OMG I am so coming to visit you and we are so going to that restaurant because I want the Portobello and Mozzarella Salad as well as Granny Mutt's Blueberry Square. Those are some of my very favorite foods! Then we are going to Eight Flags Antique Market because I saw lots of things in your photos that I need umm okay... want! It sounds like you both had an absolutely fabulous visit! How fun!

~ Tracy

Ms. Bake-it said...

You know Rhonda, when I was looking at my lamp shade, I was thinking about how I could add shells to it! I absolutely love the lamp in the picture. I saved it and will tackle that project this coming weekend.


~ Tracy

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Kelley's is a must stop for me if I'll ever be in the area! And cheers to blogging and making good friends!!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hey Girl!
I love your post today, it's so sweet talking about you and your friend having such a wonderful time!
I had to laugh about the dessert.
Of course, you want one all for yourself, no sharing of the dessert, EVER!! Just think about all those ladies on the Titanic that skipped dessert that night!!

Oh, I could spend hours in that shop! I am in love with the pink and white shell sweet of you to think of me, but you are right, I love them.


Desert Dreaming said...

What a wonderful day you both had, the pictures are beautiful, it's as though, I'm right there. Glad you shared it with all of us!

The Decorative Dreamer said...

Shelle, this is so neat! I am very happy for you to have shared such a wonderful day with a blogging friend. I love the looks of both your salads and the dessert! I always want my own dessert too! LOL! That store looks like a great visit also! Thanks for sharing this, I always love reading about these kinds of posts! :))

Arabella said...

What a lovely post...felt like I was right there with you. Dessert looked heavenly and I, too, would love to back up a truck to the antique store - everything is so beachy and wonderful.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea

Dogmom Diva said...

Oh what a wonderful day for you and sweet Sheila to share..the lunch looked delicious and the shop you went to was beautifull with all the white and shells, so cheerful, how could you not have a smile in that place!

Have a great day! Hugs

Sierra said...

I love that antique market, they have my shabby chic furniture that is in my apartment! So glad that you got together with some bloggy friends and that food looks soooo good, yummy!

iLoveShelling said...

A wonderful day- thank you for sharing it on your blog too. And yes! I have that little Shell Crazy book. I got it as a gift 2 years ago and it makes me smile when I look at that cute cover.

The Fajdich Times said...

What a great outing you both had. Wish I lived closer, I would love to me you both! But for now....I really enjoy ready your blog:)

The Muse said...

Just pleased as punch!
2 Sweets Meet~
I am thrilled for you both and just loved that you were able to share the joy with us!!

Sue said...

I'm so glad you pointed me this way! Two of my absolute favorite blog friends having lunch together...wonderful! I feel the same way about pictures, so I understand Sheila's thoughts on that. I finally put up one when mom got sick, but it was hard for me to do.

The food looks fabulous, that shop looks like I could just move in and live there and I'm sure that the two of you had the best time. Fun, fun, fun.

It is good to be back. Your support has been such a help to me. Thanks again.

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