Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Horses and Beaches and Art, Oh My!

I haven't disappeared again, I promise. Since I posted last week, I been having a wonderful time dropping in to visit and catch up with all my blogging buddies. I'm still making the rounds, so if you haven't seen me yet, I'll be there soon. There is so much to see, you've all been so busy and the creativity is inspiring. I read news from some that broke my heart and others who are celebrating births, birthdays and anniversaries. Still others are fighting their way through finals, opening new businesses and making plans of their own to move to a new location. Then there are those who are on their own breaks for one reason or another and those who are having fabulous giveaways! Always check my sidebar for giveaways, if you make a button for your giveaway, I'll post it there with a link to your post. I don't want anyone to miss out on the chance to have some goodie show up on their doorstep.

I'm working on a few posts, honestly, I don't know where to start and my brain is still a little fried. With that said, I wanted to share something special with you today. My brother posted a photo on his Facebook page and I just know you're going to love it! Think horses, beaches and art. You know how much I love all of these, but when they're all together? Oh my…pure bliss.

These driftwood horses are the creation of
English sculptor, Heather Jansch.

You can read more about her and see more of her driftwood art @ Heather Jansch. Enjoy!

© heather jansch, 2009 The images included on this post are protected by copyright. They may be reproduced for personal or educational use only. They must not be used in conjunction with any commercial or political activity without the express permission of the artist.

14 Thoughtful Comments:

Annelie said...

Wow, are those horses fantastic, or what?
Love how people can use their imagination and be so creative.
Like the picture below with some kind of thistle, oh, and the wild horses of course. How beautiful.


MagicMarkingsArt said...

Love those beachy horse sculptures - how amazingly lifelike in a very cool way.
I've enjoyed looking at your blog - and just wanted to say a quick thank you for stopping by and leaving such kind words!
From one beach loving gal to another - surf on :)

Kristen said...

How fabulous are those?!?!
And may I say... I am sooo thrilled you are back! Your beach boys inspiration pulled me through the other day. You are just the best and I have missed you quite a bit!!

Hope your boxes are unpacked and you're settled in and loving your beautiful new home!!

Blondie's Journal said...

Welcome back!! I have missed you. I hope you are settling in okay.

Love the sculptures. Heather is one talented artist.

Hope to be hearing more from you!!


Terri Smith said...

Good Gracious Alive..HOW GORGEOUS are these horses? Thanks for sharing them. Heading now to follow the link you posted for the sculptor.

Blessings, Joy & Tuesday Sunshine, Terri

Ms. Bake-it said...

Oh wow! Those are fabulous! I agree, horses - beach - art, not much better than that!

Thanks for sharing!

~ Tracy

Lindsay-ann said...

Thank you so much for sharing these amazing pictures. They are the most stunning works of art I have ever seen. I have just made my daughter get out of bed to come and look. I'm following your link to the extremely talented creator right now.

CrazyCris said...


I had a hard time catching up with my blog reading after being away for a weekend... for you it must be much harder!

Like you lately I've been preparing certain posts in advance... and just realised that after a couple of months of infrequent posting I'm probably going to end up with 5-6 days ina row! :p

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

What an unusual, interesting use of driftwood as horse art.

Thanks for sharing.


Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I know..., I've seen one of these horses in a home and it looked quite fantastic..., although they do look a little bit like skeletones!

Sue said...

Is it really possible to ever get caught up around here? I've been working on it for 3 weeks and can't get there!

The horses are amazing aren't they? Some people are so very talented.


Lori E said...

These are so amazing. I have seen them before and I think some deer too. Such a talent.

Peg said...

Glad you are getting settled in your new town! I'm excited to see posts about Cumberland Island and the wild horses too. I knew you wouldn't stray far from that beach!

Kendall@ Finesse Your Nest said...

Oh my goodness, those driftwood horses are AMAZING! Love them!

I love the beach and everything that goes with it! I love the waves lapping at my feet. I love the feel of the sand between my toes. I love the roar of the Pacific and the gentle waves of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. Let's talk about beaches around the world, bonfires, building sandcastles, swaying palm trees, flamingos, clambakes, sunrises and sunsets. If it's tropical, it fits this blog!


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