Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shellbelle in the Snow

I know that many of you had a good laugh when I told you I've been sleeping under an electric blanket in our 62 degree (brrrr………) weather. As I watch the news and peruse your blogs, this is perfectly understandable. I've admitted I'm a real cry baby when it dips below 70 and I've whined about wanting the sun to come out and warm up our beaches. This is the tropics after all and after the heat and humidity of the summer, I'm more than ready for days spent in the sun, swimming in the Gulf of Mexico and combing for shells.

For Outdoor Wednesday this week I thought I would show you that this old beach gal has spent her time in the snow also. Growing up in Southern California, my family had a modest home in the San Fernando Valley, a mobile home at Paradise Cove in Malibu and a small cabin in Big Bear. We divided our time between the three, but I usually opted for Malibu as you can imagine.

Since Valentine's Day is coming up on Sunday, rather than share stories of my family in the snow (like the time a small plane was crashing and one of its wheels hit the top of our car when I was 5-years-old on a family trip to Frasier Park), I thought I would tell you about a trip I took with my then boyfriend to  

Jackson Hole Wyoming
Valentine's Vacation 1986

Btw, everyone, including the pilot were fine.

Here's a pic of Devin. Think big-haired musicians of the 80s.

We flew out of Los Angeles to visit this parents in Utah, where he grew up. After a lovely visit and several trips to local ski slopes, we borrowed his father's van and drove from Salt Lake City to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The sights along the way were stunning!

Braving the cold

However, we did come across something unexpected in the road.


Your only option is to slow wayyyyyy down and wait for them to pass.

You can see they came quite close.

We finally reached our destination and it was beautiful!

Now Devin is an excellent skier, on the other hand, I am not. While Devin was off on the expert slopes, I stayed on the Bunny Trails. I have a strategy though when I ski. Well, I don't really ski, but I fall down really well. When I found this postcard, I had to buy it, because it shows what I usually look like on the slopes.

I love her pink snowsuit, it would've have gone so well with my pink hat (see first photo of me) and she shows up so much better against the snow than I did in my all white snowsuit (again see first photo). All white is probably not a good color for a newbie skier. Thank goodness there wasn't an avalance!

My strategy? Hire a young, good-looking ski instructor. When you fall it is their job to help you up. This is probably why I've never learned to ski.

We did lots of activities, including taking a 45-minute horse drawn sleigh in the evening to the Cascade Restaurant where we had a fabulous gourmet dinner. We drank Chocolate Mamas at the The Mangy Moose Saloon, had amazing sourdough pancakes with blueberries at Jedidiah's Original House of Sourdough, and sat in the saddles that serve as bar stools as The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. The trip was incredible and romantic.

Not everything was quite romantic though. Like when Devin coaxed me on the tram to travel to Rendezvous Peak. I like things at sea level, you know, like beaches. Not wanting to spoil his fun, I braved the trip.

The elevation?

Not anywhere near sea level!

The scenery was amazing, as long as I didn't have to stand on the edge.

I love mountains, not cliffs. Skiers travel up this tram AND actually ski back down. I was the lone person to travel back down by tram. This gal is no fool!

An activity I really enjoyed was the day we snowmobiled to the Granite Hot Springs.

Gorgeous views and once you arrive there is a room where you take off, yes I said take off, your snowsuit! Underneath you have already planned for this event and you're wearing a bathing suit. Did I mention it was 20 degrees below that day? Well, it was. You then walk from this changing area to the hot springs and eagerly slip beneath the 105 degrees (hot) waters. Once you get used to the temperature difference of 125 degrees, it is heavenly!

Getting out, not so much fun. You freeze, your hair freezes, you learn what a popsicle feels like. You wonder if your hair will break off when you put your helmet back on. Then someone says, "Stand there so I can take your picture." What?

Well here it is faithful readers, Shellbelle Snowbelle standing soaking wet in her bathing suit at 20 degrees below!

Now, just let me hear you call me a wimp again!

I'm linking this post up with other Outdoor Wednesday participants with Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer. Do you think anyone else can match this picture of themselves in the snow? I don't think so!

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Chubskulit Rose said...

Oh my gosh, the last shot gave me a chill,I'll drop dead if I go out with just a bathing suit on lol. Love all the photos.

All White

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Rhonda, first off, thanks sooooo much for letting me know about the button picture!! I corrected it now.

Love all you shots..., but no sunshine in Jackson Hole! I've heard that it must be a fantastic place!!

Kristen said...

I love these pictures... and look at you!!!! You were quite the beautiful snow bunny weren't you!?!? Having lived in the frozen tundra my whole life... I seem to be getting immune to the cold. But I remind myself, so I am not too hard on you beach babes, that not everyone thinks 40 degrees is shorts and tshirt weather!!
And a good looking ski instructor just makes everything better :)
Happy Hump Day to you!!

Loui♥ said...

you win, hands down for bravery..
being a Florida beach bunny,
I cannot compare any of my escapades with yours..
Skinny dipping is not allowed here!
or dancing naked in the rain..
the only snow shots I have of me
I'm covered up like an eskimo..
Loved your story and divine photos..
warm hugs, laughing smiles..

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful photos and memories of your trip. You are brave to be posing in your bathing suit in the freezing cold temps.

Joyce said...

Your post today was amazing and I have to say you made me laugh. I would have been riding down the tram with you:) I think I would enjoy swimming in the hot springs but not getting up and out for a photo in below degrees:) Now the plane story was amazing and kinda terrifying for you in the car and the pilot. Happy Valentine's day.

Crystal said...

What a great post. My son and daughter would love to go to Jackson Hole and go skiing. I however, will just stay on the beach at the first photo, thank you very much.
Thanks for stopping by for a visit and giving me the assistance that I asked for.
Have a great day.

Kat said...

Yikes! You are way braver than I could ever be. Oh the things we do for love lol. I've been snow skiing exactly twice, did not love it. Mainly because it involved snow. Water skiing, that's more like it! My package came yesterday!!! What a fun, fun giveaway, thank you so much. I'm planning a post about it soon, something up my sleeve just for you. Hugs, Kat

CrazyCris said...

so, what does a popsicle feel like? lol!

looks like my kind of place! I'm a fan of both the mountains and the sea...

Hootin Anni said...

Are you insane girl?!!! Dang, that makes my whole body shiver. I'll never be warm again. But....oh isn't Jackson Hole a bit of heaven on earth? Love it there. The Tetons...mmmm, mmmm, mmmm!!!

Love the beach photo too. That lone seagull parked near the edge of the photo.

Thanks for stopping by today.

The Muse said...

i have a renewed sense of pride...LOL way to go! what courage!!

this is just a fun post...a way to know you a bit better, to be sure...

Sue said...

Oh way! I'm sure you were having a great time!


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

HOW FUN! We did that once in the Rockies of Colorado, with the hot springs and it was amazing! You look cute in your suit too, but what happened to the hot boyfriend? Cindy

The Quintessential Magpie said...

You nut! LOL! I can't believe you are standing in 20 degree weather in your suit! Rhonda! It's freezing out there, and no, you aren't a wimp. But I AM! LOL!


Sheila :-)

Anny said...

LOL What a great post!!! You had me laughing throughout but "This is probably why I've never learned to ski." got the biggest laugh until the last picture. Your mom must have had a fit when she saw it LOL

bunny, The Paris House Designs said...

Shellbelle, you are the hottest Snow Bunny ever!! I am not found of heights, I love the snow, but would rather cross country ski, unless the lifts aren't too high. We are getting pummeled by snow right now, the boys school is cancelled again tomorrow. I love it and its beautiful BUT by March 1st I need it to stop and then I start dreaming of 90 degree weather or at least Spring.
ps, thanks again, Oliver posted the award on his blog. You made him so happy.

Jane said...

You crack me up! It's truly hard to imaging you in all that snow! But, you have proven beyond a shadow of doubt, that you are a BRAVE soul.

Those are photos of a Jackson Hole I have never seen. We visited during the was rather warm...I mean HOT those couple of days...until we went into the Tetons. What a beautiful place...even with the snow.

Stay warm this week...can you believe our chilly weather?
Jane (artfully graced)

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Rhonda Sweetie....
Have you lost your mind? MY gosh you were brave. There is no way, let me say that again NO WAY I would have been brave enough to do that. My gosh sweetie, you look cold. I would have to say you really loved this guy. I don't think even that would be enough for me. I am giving you the Medal of Bravery, because sweetie you went beyond the call of duty.

I so love this post. Thank you for sharing. I am going to stop by and say hi to Oliver. He is just to cute. I want to wish him a Happy Velentine's Day. Thank you for being my Valentine. Country hugs sweetie and so much love...Sherry

Sue said...

Hi and thanks for coming over from Joyce's blog to visit and I loved the baking soda story...I so don't feel alone since everyone seems to be in the same boat....My daughter just went to Stowe Vermont and she did the whole tram ride...up and down...she was terrified...she hates any kind of heights...and then I heard from Facebook that she had been in the outdoor pool in 5 degree weather....something a mother doesn't want to find out about....I love the beach so I look forward to stopping back I hope you stop back over at the Rue Mouffetard too! Sue.

Anonymous said...

Fun pictures, funny trip! The cows...!

Let me guess... you broke up with him because you were jealous of his hair! LOL! :) (WAIT! I shouldn't say that. I have some pictures of MY hair that....never mind!)

George Gaston said...

That is one incredible winter vacation.... and you saw cows, too. How awesome is that. Oh, and the bathing suit in the suit was pretty 'rad' too.

I think the girl I was dating at the time, pumped your gas at the local gas station. I remember talking about a fun loving girl, who would 24 years later have a Tiki Hut theme blog. Do you remember her? I am sure Kate was the only girl-gas attendant in Jackson Hole... it was the only job she could get.

gayle said...

I am sitting here cold now!!

Great post!!

Lillian Robinson said...

Hehe... I whine when it gets OVER 70! I can't believe you stood in the cold like that! Looks like it was a fun trip. So we're you goin' this year?

Sierra said...

What a fun trip...go you for that bathing suit picture and how cold, brrr!

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