Thursday, January 28, 2010

Celebrity Mystery Guest, Sign In Please!

Celebrity Mystery Guest at Shellbelle's Tiki Hut

As some of you know, I just finished another deadline. A deadline that made it impossible for me to do much visiting as I'd like for almost two weeks. Well, deadline is over and I don't have another one for six weeks. Not good on the budget, but good for catching up on what everyone's been up to.

Since I want to get right to that, I decided I would give you a sneak peek on a post I've been working on for a couple of months. You know I've had this obsession with lifeguard stations recently — I want to live in one. Well, research into them led me to photos of vintage lifeguard stations, which in turn, led me to vintage photos of the lifeguards themselves. Now you know I love anything vintage, especially when the subject is anything beachy!

So while I'm off surfing around your blogs today, I offer you this photo from the 1920s as a sneak peak into my Vintage Lifeguard post that will go up next Thursday. Can you guess who it is? He is very famous and trust me when I tell you, you've all heard of him.

If you'd like you can ask questions in the fashion of that old television show, What's My Line? If you're old enough to remember that show, you'll remember that they always ended the show with a celebrity mystery guest. The panelists would be blindfolded and could ask 10 questions of the guest to determine who he or she was. You can learn more about the show on wikipedia here. This little game will run all week or until someone gives the correct answer. If no one gets it right, you'll find the answer next Thursday, unless you ask the right questions and someone figures it out before then. The rules of the game required panelists to ask only questions which could be answered yes or no. I'll be answering any questions in the comment section as we go along. Let's play by the rules, no peeking googling please, this isn't for a prize, this is just for a bit of fun. Have a good time and good luck!

Okay, let's get started — Mystery guest, sign in please! 

Update: The Brilliant Muse (I changed her handle to include brilliant) guessed the correct answer right off the bat! So before you look, make your best guess and put in your comment who you would have guessed. Let's see how many get it right. This has been such fun, I just may do it again!

19 Thoughtful Comments:

The Muse said...

is it Ronald Regan?

look at the rugged face :)

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Oh, oh..., I have no clue whatsoever!

I'm glad you're all done and have free time again!!

And yet another giveaway..., Outer Banks is at it again with some fun items..., and this time if you blog about it you can win an ad space on Completely Coastal too.

Have a great day, Rhonda!!!

Shellbelle said...

Well, the game is over before it started.

Yes,it is Ronald Reagan in 1927. This photo is part of the Reagan Library and I thought it was such fun.

Lifeguard to actor to President, what a fascinating life he led.

Thanks for playing and congratulations on guessing the correct answer. Gosh, I didn't think anyone would guess so quickly, you know your famous faces, that's for sure!

Kendall@ Finesse Your Nest said...

Ha! That's funny! I was going to guess Ross Perot! Guess I was on the right track with politics at least!

nancygrayce said...

I should have looked earlier.....I saw Ronald Reagan in his face too!

Hey thanks for your "mad" comment! I just happened to be on the phone with my sister when I read it and read it to her. She said she knew it was against the law but that she gets tired of fighting the fight! My BIL has been in a wheelchair for 24 years, 25 next Christmas day!

I appreciate your comments! I can assure you that next time we're over that way, I'll be speaking to them about that very thing!


The Muse said...

oh i am a Muse party pooper...

it was fun....LOL

(next time hide the comments/answers...and get a longer guess list...just a suggestion, LOL from a Muse who do just that to her readers...LOL...)

The library is an awesome tourist spot!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Thanks so much for posting the button.... you'll be moving??

Anonymous said...

Hello Hut! Long time no see. I am so sorry I have not been by to visit sooner. It is nice to be back and see your bright little place. I must admit, I do not know who it is in the picture, but I do know that that is one interesting life guard outfit. Haha. Hope your having a great week and that you are finding some time to stop and smell the roses = )

SquirrelQueen said...

I was going to say Ronald Regan, the face give it away. Now going to read the other comments. Cool, it is.

That was fun, next?


eileeninmd said...

Cool and fun post Shellbelle! BTW, Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.

Kat said...

I knew it! And blast it all, I was at work when I took a quick peek and said to myself "self, why does Rhonda have a picture of Ronald Reagan on her blog?" Couldn't wait to get home, then I read the post and was all excited - then I saw someone had already guessed! Can't get much past our dear Muse now can we? Fun anyway, and I'm looking forward to your vintage lifeguard post! Kathy

The Quintessential Magpie said...

That is cool! I never would have guessed it. He looks a little like Robert Redford in that photo, but Redford would have been too young. Cool that the Muse guessed it, and she is brilliant!

Fun post, Rhonda...


Sheila :-)

Loui♥ said...

Hi Shell..
just wanted to pop by and say my sister STILL has my last pair of saddle oxfords..mine were passed on to her..and our feet are NOT the same..she's had to have foot surgery and I think a lot of the problem was having to wear my hand me down shoes..
and if by chance any stitching came undone in my shoes..Daddy promptly took them to the shoe shop and had them RE STITCHED! they were in destructible !
wrm hugs..

Bunny, The Paris House Designs said...

Shellbell, I guessed it immediately, Ronald Reagan!!!
This is so much fun, love this post.
Glad your deadline is over and you can relax a bit.

Sue said...

I knew it was Ron Reagan, he was a looker wasn't he?

Anonymous said...

Darn! I knew it, too! That showoff Muse. . . ! :)

Remember when men's basketball uniforms were about that short?!

Glad you have more time to hang around.

The Muse said...


Follow up comments are too funny~...
I promise, bloggy honor...I'll guess wrong next time :)


Shellbelle said...

Thanks to everyone for playing along, this was fun and I'm going to do it again in the future using the suggestion from The Muse to hide the comments until there are more guesses. She is Brilliant!

Sierra said...

Oh wow The Muse was great at guessing right off the bat - great picture of Ronald!

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