Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Work Hard — Play Hard

When my son was in middle school, he and his best friend, Kevin Necessary, had big career plans. They were going to buy a car just like the one driven in the Blues Brother's Movie and travel the U.S. as skate board competitors.

Yep, that was it. In some respects, they were not far off in fulfilling the dreams of their youth.

As some of you know, my son spent nine years as Frankie Valle's personal assistant, traveling the world, more on the road, than off the road. Amongst other things, he is an artist, a master tiki carver, and he works for three photographers. He still travels the U.S. and the world. They were in China twice last month, shooting a layout for Mazda. Sound glamorous doesn't it?

Well, they do have a lot of fun, but they work hard. The final shoot in China lasted forty-five, yes 45 hours.

What do guys like this do in their off-time?

They play hard, very hard!

While we were all getting ready for Thanksgiving, planning the menu, pulling out treasured recipes and shopping — these guys hit the road for a little fun. This is the third year in a row they modified a Toyota truck (Toyota is one of their clients and a sponsor in this pre-holiday event) and headed South of the Border to participate in the perilous Baja 1000, an off-road race that took place on Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula Nov. 19th-22nd.

Fender Guitars also sponsored them this year

Cool logos

Guitar signed by employees of the
Fender Factory in Ensenada

The guitar was placed on the front of the truck and will be on display in the factory after the race

The annual event draws HUGE crowds

So do the girls

No matter what species they are!

It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it!

Of course, you have to put up with the breakdowns

But you make new friends along the way

You get to hang out in a beautiful location
on a beautiful day

with a great view

You get to tour the Fender Factory
The gang in front of the Fender Factory with some of the employees

And then, being the types of crazy guys they've been since middle school, they let the tour go ahead and my son decides it would be fun to jump on the shrink wrapper.

Yes, that's my son being wrapped up like a sausage. He was standing when this wrapping process began and when he fell on his side, the plastic continued to wrap him up cocoon style.

The employees working in the area were laughing right along with him, but I know they had to be thinking, Crazy Gringo!

Kevin helps load Jim

and he's moved to storage

Well folks, that's {definitely} a wrap for this week's Outdoor Wednesday. I know I cheated and added a few indoor shots of the factory, but hey, I just had to show you how my son makes his mother proud!

It's so nice to be back with all of you, I missed everyone. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Now get on over to Susan's @ A Southern Daydreamer for links to more Outdoor Wednesday posts. I just can't wait to see what today's offerings are!

Thanks to Jim Inglis (my son), Matt Sersion, and Stephen Lascola for the use of their Baja photos for this post, you guys so rock!
BTW, that first photo is my dusty son taken at the race in 2007. You must agree that these guys do work hard and play hard!

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Kat said...

Wow Rhonda, that's such an accomplishment. DH is going to be SOOOO jealous when I show him this post. Touring the Fender factory would be his idea of heaven. But he's probably going to cringe when he sees that poor guitar on the front of the truck lol. Beautiful pictures, especially the sea lion - what a great shot. Kathy

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Rhonda, this was such a FUN Post! LOL! I am cracking up over your DS on that shrink wrapper. What a hoot!

That's really neat about the racing and the sponors. Sounds like they love to have fun! Loved your commentary on the girls of the race. ;-)

I did a tour of some of Florida's Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. Come check it out... maybe you've seen this before! If you haven't seen it, maybe the photos will tempt you to do so!

Happy Outdoor Wed...


Sheila :-)

Anonymous said...

OMG I laughed so hard at your son being shrink-wrapped, lol! Great post!

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

What a great post and what a great life your son my sons suv was completely wrapped in saran wrap at school!!!

Joyce said...

Cute son & cute post. 45 hours is one long shoot but the job still sounds like fun to me. Glad to see you back after that nasty virus.

annies home said...

what cool pictures

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

So fun! Well..., I know someone who loves cars too..., my husband. But I have to admit I'm glad that he's more the quiet tinkering type.
Thanks for sharing this!!

Lillian Robinson said...

It's so great to read about people living their dream! Sounds like a fun career.

I think I'd rather stay with the tour though, than ride the wrap machine!

Sue said...

We just saw Frankie Valli here a few months ago. I would guess your son is a)single or b) has the most understanding wife in the world!

Thanks for the kind words on my post...I'm glad the memory jar is something you liked.


Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

45 hours?! I guess I shouldn't complain that I was at work for 10 hours yesterday...though his job looks wayyyy more fun than sitting in business planning meetings. :-) And no shrink wrap machine here, either...

Mary Bergfeld said...

His life sounds fascinating. The photos of Baja are just beautiful. I hope you are having a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday.

Lori E said...

Us moms. My first thought was his face...don't cover his face.
Why is it there are always the girls around the cars? Hmmm. My husband worked on the Indy race here in Vancouver for many years and the sponsor usually had the girls around the booths. We have a lovely photo of him on a race boat with the Brahma Beer girls. Boy has that picture made the rounds. Children.

Bunny, The Paris House said...

Hi Shellbelle, I think my comment deleted somehow so I'll try again, we have more problems with our computers in this house than anyone I know!! Anyway, Your sons life looks so fascinating, that is one seriously cool job and are right, it seems like a lot of work and then they get to play. My husband would love to be him for the day, especially with those gorgeous girls!! I haven't forgot about the corn pudding recipe as soon as I get my computer back (I'm using my husbands now) I'll email it to you or I'll post it , but I'll let you know. Its great to read all your interesting and fun posts. I hope your tropicals survive, but I think indoors with some sunlight should work.
Have a great night

CrazyCris said...

now all that looks like FUN!!! :o)

eileeninmd said...

Great post and photos, What fun!

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