Friday, September 11, 2009

In Rememberance of September 11, 2001

In Memory 9/11/01, 2002
Brian Niemann,
Color offset lithograph
Gift of Griffith Phillips Creative

Eight years later we can all still remember exactly where we were when when we heard the news that America had been attacked by terrorists. At that time I was taking care of my mother in the last months of her life. She had suffered a massive stroke two years earlier and with the help of Suncoast Hospice I was able to have her home with us.

On that morning I had finished feeding mom her breakfast and glanced at the television as I was walking back to the kitchen. Good Morning America was on in the living room and just as I was passing by the second plane hit the Twin Towers. I froze in my tracks, not comprehending what I was seeing. The rest of the day is a blur of emotions. I managed to care for mom, but not wanting her to know what had occurred, I tried to hide my emotions and would catch the news when she was sleeping. She died peacefully six weeks later, never knowing about the saddest day in the history of our country.

My regular readers know that I often visit the Library of Congress for vintage photos to use in my blog and this morning was no different. The first two images today are from a special section of the LOC.

After September 11, 2001 and in almost every section of the Library of Congress, staff have sought and received an abundance of original material including prints, photographs, drawings, poems, eye-witness accounts and personal reactions, headlines, books, magazines, songs, maps, videotapes and films.

You can view the entire collection at Witness and Response: September 11 Acquisitions at the Library of Congress.

God Bless America, 2001
Sara Deathridge, third grader
Sequoyah Elementary School
Knoxville, Tennessee

This last image was one I downloaded sometime after the attacks for my personal use, so I don't know who to give credit to. In my heart I believe they would not mind its use here today as we pay tribute to all those who lost their lives that day and in the days to follow.

I would also like to remember how most of us felt that day, how we came together as a nation to heal the wound inflicted. As we have so often done after disaster strikes, after hurricanes and earthquakes, after fires and riots, I call upon my fellow citizens to come together in the tough times we are facing now. To remember that we are all Americans. To remember we have all faced challenges. To remember that we are a caring people. To remember that we are a respectful people. No matter what your political ideology is, today is the day, more than any other, for us to come together and heal as a nation and as a people. What better way to honor those who died on September 11th or have so bravely given their lives in the subsequent wars, than to stand together as one nation, one people — caring and respectful of each other.

We will never forget.

Update: Normally, as a participant in Foodie Fridays, I'm running around blogland collecting recipes and leaving sweet comments as I feel the pounds attaching themselves to my hips. Today I have been visiting those on my blog list and others I have never been to that have been posting memories and tributes to September 11, 2009. They have all been wonderful and tears have been running down my face all day.

I want to share one with you that in no uncertain terms, reflected what I am feeling today. I did shed tears for those who lost and continue to loose their lives because of the events on that fateful day, but I also shed tears because as I look around today I see a country so divided and ask myself if we are honoring all those who have sacrificed since the beginning of our history. Is it not true that divided we fall?

Read Kathy's post @ Emptynester: Remembrance. I see she's already been here today and left a comment and I want to thank her and everyone else for sharing their sentiments today.

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Unknown said...

Very well said.

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Yes, I know exactly where I was..., living in Oyster Bay Cove in a rental cottage. My husband heard it from someone he talked to on the phone and it was about 10:30AM when we turned the TV on. Needless to say we were in total shock.

Magdalena said...

Rhonda, beautifully written. The images are amazing. I'm so glad you were able to spare your mother this added sadness in the final weeks of her life. I along with so many others will never ever forget this tragedy. My heart breaks today.

Lillian Robinson said...

I so wish we could revive the unity that our country had that day, and the months following. I am saddened by the divide that is so apparent now. We are the UNITED States.

Thank you for sharing this personal account.

For photos, check out:

Eileen said...

Really beautiful post, and a wonderful way to honor those fallen that day, and those of our servicemen who also have sacrificed so much for these United States of America.
Beautiful sentiments. I agree with them all.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your memories.
Thank you for your kind comments to my post.
All the best,

Kat said...

Bravo Rhonda. Our posts today share very similar sentiments. Kathy

penny said...

That is a wonderful tribute to 9-11. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I will always remember where I was that day just like I remember when we lost President Jack F Kennedy.

Vicki ~ FL said...

That was a wonderfully written tribute to share with us today, 9/11.....God Bless America and all it stands for.

Blessings each day said...

Well, I stopped by your blog when I saw that you stopped by Eileen's and that you had honored this day just as we had.

Thank you for doing such a fine job!



Anonymous said...

The day has a bittersweet feeling for us. It is our thirty eighth anniversary and also our youngest's 32'nd birthday. The day is etched in my mine forever. I was choosing an outfit to wear for the play Henry The Eighth at the Stratford Festival in Ontario. We did not go of course, and I spent the next two days in my bed, shaken to the core. I was so proud when Canada and the US came together to divert so many aircraft to our safe haven in the province of Newfoundland. Thanks for this lovely tribute Rhonda. I have missed you while away.


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Rhonda
Beautiful post. We Australians also felt your loss greatly and remember this day each year. I was just finishing a video when I switched back to tv and saw one of the towers crumble [was late night sydney time]. I don't think I could take in what was happening. I felt sick, scared and sad all rolled into one. Two days later is the anniversary of my mother's death.. so it is always a week filled with emotion for me. Thanks for a beautiful post. x Julie

Jen_from_NJ said...

What a beautiful post. I will mever forget! 9/11 remains a very emotional day for me. Best, Jen

Jen Beaudet Z said...

What a beautiful post. We will never forget.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Touching and heart felt post! Thank you.

PERBS said...

Your blog was a wonderful memorial to all we lost on -11. ur little town ahd a ceremony to commemorate the day and I blogged about it with photos. I for one will never forget and I live so far away but it affected me as if I lived right there.

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