Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Beach Boys vs. Baseball

This week at Tropicana Field in Tampa, Florida, the Boston Red Sox were in town playing a three-game set against the Tampa Bay Rays. This much anticipated series drew an average of about 19,000 fans. Last night the Rays were playing the Detroit Tigers. According to The Associated Press, last night's game drew a sellout crowd of 36,973.

Now I know you're probably asking yourself why I'm writing about sports, unless its water-related, sports in not a topic I typically talk about. Those who know me well, know that I don't follow sports. BUT, I do like what follows them at times.

What made the difference in the turn-out last night? The Beach Boys had a postgame concert! Yep, my beloved beach band can still pull them in. So, who of the original band was there? Mike Love, one of the founding members and Bruce Johnston, who joined the band in 1965 with the release of California Girls. Dennis and Carl Wilson have both since passed away under sad circumstances and their brother Brian Wilson performs with a 10-piece group that includes Jeff Foskett. Al Jardine, along with his sons, continues to perform with his Endless Summer Band.

I was, of course, already a huge fan of The Beach Boys, when in 1965 they recorded their hit song, Help Me, Rhonda. Written by Brian Wilson and Mike love, you can well imagine it is my favorite of all their songs. Come on, my first name was not a common one in California, and was often mistaken and misread as Rhoda. The Beach Boys changed all that when Help Me, Rhonda was on their The Beach Boys Today! album. That was forty-four years ago and I STILL have people reference the song when they learn my name. I was a California girl, who grew up at Paradise Cove in Malibu and I was 14-years-old when The Beach Boys made me a household name — literally!

I started this blog on May 10th of this year and on my very first post I wrote this, "Starting a blog about the beach at this time seems appropriate, since The Beach Boys are releasing a new album in eleven days. Summer Love Songs will be available in stores on May 21st. Cool, huh? PLUS, Help Me, Rhonda and California Girls are included on the new album! What goes around, comes around as they say."

Visit The Beach Boys website for links to Amazon and iTune to buy the album, download ringtones, see photos, read the band's timeline and to catch up on what they're doing now.

Here are The Beach Boys in 2006:

Did you know The Beach Boys were originally called The Pendeltons? This photo from 1961 will explain why:

Note: For those who don't know what I mean, the shirts the boys are wearing are called Pendeltons and they were very popular back in the day. They are still around, but I seldom see them on the beach crowd any more.

This is the way I will always remember them:

So, today I'm giving a big shout out for The Beach Boys — you still give me Good Vibrations!

16 Thoughtful Comments:

Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

"Surf'"s Up and Sunflower Reissued on Vinyl!"

NOW that is cool! thanks for the update.

Also always a Smile when I see, "Me and my Daddy 1954" - memories, memories, memories, of my times at the beach, burying my Dad and building sand castles. Feel my HUG.

Ahh, off to the beach... what delight!

Unknown said...

"Little Deuce Coupe" still the best!
They ARE summer!!!

Maureen said...

I saw the Beach Boys in the 70's it was awesome! Sooooo many good songs, of course Help help me Rhonda......was one of them!

Drawn to The Sea said...

Synchronicity... I love it when things make sense, that wonderful feeling connected to it all. What a neat story :-)

Barbra Ann Fan,

Vicki ~ FL said...

I'm with you Rhonda....I too was living in CA (San Diego) when they were hugely popular. Hope you enjoyed their concert last night. Had I known they were there I may have gone up to see them also!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Always a great walk down memory lane here! The Beach Boys were just as popular over here and everyone knew their songs. Great post.. and I actually went to a baseball game when the olympics were in Sydney. Such fun... wasn't a very big crowd but a lot of fun. Have a great week. x Julie

Sahildeki Ev said...

Oh how I love to listen them once upon a time. It should be such a big treat to hear them live again.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the Beach Boys! They were just slightly before my time, but I listened to my Grandfather's old albums when I was a kid. Oh Rhonda....the ocean....(giggling) ;-)
I MISS baseball! I was such an Expos fan...may the team r.i.p. There is nothing like sitting in the ball park...I used to score the games too. Not the same watching it on tv though!

Magdalena said...

Hi Rhonda,
I love the beach boys!! everything about them is summery happy fun and good old fashioned times!!
I would love to see them in concert again.
Anytime I hear them I will certainly be thinking about you and your lovely blog.
Happy Monday

the glitzy gypsy said...

Thanks for the walk down memory lane..... I too love the Beach Boys,and Jan and Dean...I'm also from Southern Cal...dancing at Disneyland to Papa Do Run Run (they play all the favs) in the world did I get to Tennessee and Where's the Beach?

Unknown said...

This is nice. We still listen to old classics and the Beach Boys have their own special place on my iPod. Even my kids love to sing along. Great post.

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Love the Beach Boys (big surprise, he!) Didn't know about the song Help Me, Rhonda though. I can listen to songs like Kokomo over and over! And I probably will today...

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE the Beach Boys!!!

Joyce said...

I had a little 45 record and played it over and over and to this day I still never tire of hearing those songs. Thanks for the memories.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

The Beach Boys are wonderfully fun! I grew up with them, too, and loved them. Great that you got to hear them in concert!


Sheila :-)

Anonymous said...

I saw them perform after the game too, great fun! Not the true Beach Boys, but I'll take what I can get. I don't mean to nitpick, but they actually called themselves the Pendletones. The record execs changed the name to Beach Boys on their first single. Great blog!
P.S. Mike Love sucks!

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