Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Plumeria Farming – Week Three

This is the beginning of week three on the plumeria farm and I've been working hard, but the results have been astounding!

Okay, back to reality. In last week's post I told you there were four little seedlings making their presence known and now just look at them, they are beginning to look like actual plants. Isn't gardening, I mean farming, so rewarding? The tallest one measures exactly two inches from base to tip.

When I walked outside this morning to put the farm in the sun, I spotted this plumeria blossom that had fallen from the big tree right on top of a Bridal Bouquet Plumeria cutting I'm rooting. I thought it looked pretty, what do you think?

Then, because I am a little nuts, I put the blossom on the farm for a family portrait. This blossom is from the parent plant of my seedlings.

In case I haven't mentioned this before, if plumeria is grown from seed, it is a seedling and not an original cultivar. Each of the trees on my little farm could produce different colors and that is what I'm counting on. To get an exact copy of my beautiful plumeria, I need to take a cutting. I am going to be doing this in about a month and will share this easy process with you.

Last week I told you I had four seedlings, well the next day another one popped out and then nothing all week. I thought maybe that was it and then yesterday,


So, maybe there is still hope I can reach my goal of at least twelve. Till then, here is a last little peek at the farm.

FACT: I always thought that plumeria were native to Hawaii until I started researching them last year. The genus plumeria actually originated in Mexico, Central America and the islands of the Caribbean. In 1860, Dr. William Hillebrand introduced the first plumeria cultivar to the Sandwich Islands (now known as the Hawaiian Islands). Since the late 1800s plumeria have been cultivated in Hawaii for their beautiful flowers.

Once again, thank you for visiting the farm and may your week be as beautiful as a plumeria blossom!

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RobinfromCA said...

I can almost smell that blossom from here! Mexico or not, seeing plumeria always makes me miss Hawaii. The minute I step off the plane and smell the air scented with the combination of the ocean and the plumeria my whole body relaxes. Ahhhh....

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Shellbelle, this is so exciting. New life springing up all over. I am thrilled for you. Are these growing inside or in a hot house? I hope they keep growing. It is so exciting to produce something from a seedling and know that you nutured it all of it's little life. Have fun growing. I watch weekly for updates. Take care. Country Hugs, Sherry

Shellbelle said...

I'm with you Robin, they make me think of Hawaii and luaus, not Mexico. Not that there's anything wrong with Mexico, I just don't think plumeria, I think cactus!

Thanks Sherry, my little farm is growing outside in the bright summer sun, I bring it in at night in case we have a storm come through while I'm sleeping and to keep the tender plants safe from any nocturnal critters! lol

Magdalena said...

Shellbelle, they look amazing!! I can't wait to see them each week. You definately have a green thumb my dear

Lillian Robinson said...

Your plants are looking good! I hope you get twelve. Do you warm the soil in your starter pots?

Shellbelle said...

Thanks MzzLily, no I'm not warming the soil, the sun in Florida is doing that naturally. We're at that time of year when it never cools down below 78°F. I have to water the pots several times a day and even the water is hot, I actually have to let the hose run for a minute to cool off a little. I was afraid I might "cook" the tender roots. lol

CrazyCris said...

those look lovely!

hmmm... when I think of Mexico I think more of food than plants! :p
but if I were to think of plants it would be bouganvillas and poinsettas which grow to enormous bushes there!

Kat said...

Love it when you take us down to the farm! How exciting that so many are popping up. Do you have any idea what colors you will have? Or is it "luck of the draw"? Thanks for the progress report. Kathy

Sierra said...

I love how your little farm is coming along, I love seeing the green and they are looking beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, that first photo is priceless!!!! Love it!

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