Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Plumeria Farming – Week Two

For those of you who were here last Tuesday, you know I started my mini-farm of Plumerias and planned to document its progress each week. I also wrote that if the seeds didn't sprout I would have to find a new project to record. Well, the good news is……drum roll, please…… we have sprouts!

I planted my seeds on a Sunday and this past Sunday, as I was bringing the farm in for the night (what other farmer can do this?), I saw a speck of green and there it was — my very first seedling!

You would have thought it was Christmas morning, I was so excited. Even Sis was excited for me and I know I drive her crazy every time the garden gets new blooms and I make her come and look. Here's another pic of my first seedling after spending a day in the sun:

Well, here it is Tuesday and last night there were two more, so now there are three little seedlings.

While watering this morning, I noticed the forth poking its little head out, so the farm is officially up and running! Or up and growing I guess is the proper terminology.

Last week I also stated that I would post this week on how to make a Hawaiian lei with plumeria blossoms, but I ran into two problems. First, I can't find my lei needle and second when I walked out this morning the rain was just stopping and my flowers were soaking wet and droopy, so making a lei will be in the future.

The rain did bring something beautiful this morning though:

A rainbow in the distance peeking over my plumeria tree! I'm taking this as a good sign for the farm. What do you think?

From the Field Guide to Plumeria on Trails.com I learned, "Plumeria flowers are a royal tease. They do not produce nectar, but their hypnotizing scent tells insects otherwise. Their main pollinator, sphinx moths, will pollinate the flowers as they go from one to the other looking for the sweet nectar they think they smell. Because these flowers try to attract these specific moths, they produce a stronger scent at night, when the moths are more active. In Brazil these flowers are called Lady of the Night for this reason.

Have a wonderful week and may all of life's seeds blossom for you and may you find rainbows just outside your door!

Plumeria Farming: Week One

12 Thoughtful Comments:

Ali said...

What fantastic pictures! I love plumeria, and have never seen them growing!

Lillian Robinson said...

I share your joy! It's always exciting to see the little sprouts pop out of the soil.

Magdalena said...

How exciting!!! congrats to you!! the rainbow you captured is divine. It isn't easy to grow from seedlings and you did a fantastic job.
I just love this blog!!!

Anonymous said...

I know that giddy excited feeling when something I've planted actually sprouts. It is like nature is on your side and you are doing it right.
Very cool. Hope you are doing great Rhonda...


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Rhonda, isn't God just grand with his paintbrush? He just never stops amazing me. Each rainbow grander than the one before. I just love that pic. I cannot wait to see you make a lei. That is a wonderful art that I have always wondered how they were put together. I can hardly wait for you to share. Thanks much honey, and have a wonderful blessed day. Country Hugs and Love, Sherry

Sierra said...

Ohhh, new beginnings. I love that you have been sharing the growth of your lovely plants - I can't wait to see what they look like when they are full of color!

Kat said...

Congratulations Farmer Rhonda! How exciting that they are sprouting. Can't wait to track the progress. And the rainbow shot is beautiful, great photo. Kathy

Shellbelle said...

Thanks everyone for following along and sharing my excitement over my little plumeria spouts. It's nice to have someone to share this with andyou are all such darlings to leave such sweet, encouraging comments!


Anonymous said...

I'll dust off my grass skirt in anticipation of your next blog on making lei. :-) Sorry, I can't say "lei" without a smile and a giggle.

I share your glee, and it's glee when you discover things like seeds sprouting, and rainbows over plumerias, and thoughtful people who wished beautiful things for other people. Thank you for the sweet wishes, have a fabulous week.

Shellbelle said...

Yesterday I awoke and there was a rainbow outside my backdoor. This morning there's one on my blog. Life is good.

Unknown said...

Plumeria are addicting.If you have never have grown them,you just don't get it.More so,than orchids,I believe.
They are the most tolerant and forgiving plants.All of our's(except for one) have made it thru these past 2 winters of incredible freezes.And are more beautiful than ever!

Shellbelle said...

You're right Chris, they are addicting and so easy to care for. Plus they give such great rewards with their beauty.

Even though we only live about an hour away from each other, you do get colder than we do. You know Spring has arrived when the plumeria start sprouting new leaves!

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