Sunday, June 21, 2009

Seashell of the Week #7

I can't believe we're already at Week #7 in my seashell competition! This is so much fun for me and I hope you're enjoying it as well. Thank you everyone for playing along. With that said here is the shell for this week. Do you know what it is?

5 Thoughtful Comments:

Unknown said...

I believe that is a King's Crown.

Shellbelle said...

Good guess, but this is not a King's Crown. They do look similar, though. Please try again.

Unknown said...

Ok, then, a Fighting Conch.

Maya said...

I could look it up of course..., (but I don't)..., I'm definitely name challenged. I have one of these too! But then, I cooked some greeneries last night that we get delivered from a local farm without knowing what they were! And not taking the time to find out either, hmmm.

Shellbelle said...

Yes Pam, this is a Fighting Conch, so you score another point!

Maya, you are so funny! I love any type of greens, so I would've done the same thing you did.

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