Saturday, June 6, 2009

Seashell of the Week #5

I'm posting the seashell photo early this week, because I'm going on a photo hike early tomorrow morning at Weedon Island in St. Petersburg, Florida.

For those who have not participated before, I am having a Giveaway! Whoever correctly identifies the most shells first in a 12-week period wins a mousepad with the seashell of their choice. Actually, you can choose from any of the mousepads in my gallery.

So, here is this week's selection:

I'm just looking for the common name. The seashell from week #3 is still unanswered, so there's still time to get another point.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and be sure to check out my post on Outdoor Wednesday to see some of the photos I'll be taking tomorrow. Good luck!

5 Thoughtful Comments:

Joyce said...

I am so clueless to any of the names so perhaps I should get a coffee table book of shells to keep at my beach home to amuse my guests and to add some knowledge to my brain:)

Unknown said...

Shark's Eye

Maya said...

Snail sell, moon shell..., I'm not sure if these names are for the same shell though..., this of course is not looking it up!

Shellbelle said...

Another point for the folks from the Great Wall of Lutz!

For Joyce: There are so many beautiful books of shells, I think your guests would enjoy one almost as much as walking the shore…almost. In the near future I'm going to post a photo I took of my Field Biology of Florida class project. I loved it so much it hangs on my wall.

For Maya: Yes, it is also called a Moon Shell, but Chris and Jon beat you to it, I hope you'll come back next week and play again. I post at different times of the day to give everyone a chance. Check out Week #3, no one has guessed that one yet.

Beach House Dreamer said...

Oh, it's Shark's Eye! I thought it was a Moon Snail too.

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