Sunday, May 10, 2009

Seashell of the Week #1

Today starts my weekly seashell identification quiz. I decided to start with something easy that also happens to be one of my favorites. Now you ask, "Will there be a prize?" The answer is yes! Every three months, whoever gets the right answer first most often will win a mousepad featuring their favorite shell on it! In the case of a tie, there will be runoff quiz. Sound good? Okay, then let's get started! For this first quiz, I only want the common name. If I find out you guys are really good at this I'm going to make it harder! Have fun!

Please note: If you are guessing as "Anonymous" there is no way for me to know who you are, so you will not be eligible for the prize.

5 Thoughtful Comments:

Anonymous said...

I don't know the names of shells but this is very cool!


David McRee said...

Chambered Nautilus! Beautiful photo!
Rhonda, I blogged about your site here:

Florida Beach Basics said...

Rhonda: I found your site via Blog the Beach, and was delighted to see that you have included my Beach Buzz Blog on your list of Beachy Blogs. Welcome to the world of blogging. Love the tennis shoes! Marge

Shellbelle said...

And the winner of this week's seashell identification quiz is…David McRee!

Thanks for blogging about my new site and for those who haven't visited his wonderful blog check it out at http:/ It's #1 in my book!

Shellbelle said...

Hi Marge, thanks for visiting my new blog! I have to say, the pictures of the mother and chick egrets you posted for Mother's Day were the best! Definitely brought a smile and a laugh my way.

Everyone needs to visit the Space Coast Beach Buzz Blog! There's a link in my Beachy Blogs list on your right.

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