Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Art of Tiki Carving

My son who is an incredible artist and photographer, also happens to be an amazing tiki carver. He lives in Redondo Beach, California and loves the beach as much as I do. I want to share a couple of pictures with you, so you can see why I am so proud.

Above: This was his first large one. (He also built the bamboo fence in the background.)

Below: Another of his masterpieces. Who looks more menacing, the tiki or Jim? Now don't you agree these are AMAZING??!!!!!!!

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The Stylish House said...

Yes, I agree these are amazing and truly magnificent! What does he carve them with? ~Cathy~

Shellbelle said...

Thanks Cathy! He has a huge assortment of carving tools, starting with fairly large ones down to those that are most intricate.

You brought up a good question though. When he was here he showed me some pics on his camera of his tools, so I just called him and ask him to email one to me. It would be a good addition to this post. He comes to tiki carving from an artist's perspective and as such, his tikis are more detailed than those usually seen. Several art galleries in Redondo Beach have featured his work.

He's on a photo shoot right now, so when I receive the photo of his tools, I will post it.

Thanks again for your interest!

Unknown said...

Absolutly amazing.. I used to have a tiki man in my backyard by the pool but he had to stay when I moved. Of course it wasn't as magnificent as this one! I used to live in Manhattan Beach... I miss it... Take care there and...
Have a wonderful weekend and a fabulous 4th!
~Really Rainey~

niartist said...

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog to say hi, (and see Earl - he's so popular!!!) and leading me back to these wonderful works of art. Earl of course is cast from terra cotta clay, but his wooden "cousins" are much more artful than Earl. Gorgeous! Tell your son he's got a great artistic gift!

Anonymous said...

Can we get some back and side picks of the tiki with the flame goatee?

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